Meniscus Or Lack There Of

I was unfortunately born with a discoid meniscus where the meniscus is shaped like a donut instead of a crescent moon(weird analogy). I was always falling as a small child and my mom thought I was a clutz. Then my knee started popping really prominently and hurt. I went to a surgeon and they reshaped it. I then tore my meniscus a year later and had surgery again and now have less than 10% left. I never regained all my strength and am still working on it to date. My knee hurts so bad and I have so many tests done and everything is "normal". But know my knee never feels properly aligned and hurt  so bad sometimes I think  i am going to be physically ill. I can't walk normal and it has been like this over a year. The doctors said I will probably need a meniscus transplant and eventually a knee replacement. I am only a teenager! I just wonder if anyone else has something similar to this and how they cope with agonizing pain daily. I feel for all knee victims :(
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I just had knee surgery a bit over a month ago for a completely different issue, but while they were in there they found out that I had this same issue. Mine sounds a little less serious than yours but I had never heard of this at all. I'm happy to not be alone!

I'm 16 years old and just had knee surgery for a completely different problem, but they found that I had this same issue. I had never hear d of it before but I'm happy to not be alone!