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Over the past couple of years, I have started to love running (racing, training, jogging, running trivia, the Olympics, looking up college running results, flotrack). Anyway, I started to get pretty good at it and I began to bump up mu training, and I injured my left knee over my summer vacation. I thought it was runners knee, and it was fine because I got better in 6 weeks and was still able to compete in cross country and had am awesome season. Then over winter break, I decided I was going to be more careful and run smart, but instead I eventually went back on that and started running farther than I ever had before. i was increasing volume and intensity at the same time, which by the way is a very stupid thing to do. I had a pretty bad case of shin splints, which I worked out eventually. One day, when my shin issues were ending, I got on my bike to give my shins some relief. After I got back, my left knee was completely different. I had to forfeit my track season and I had many opportunites to get better, but I blew them all because I was so consumed with running. I was in the hands of a very good physical therapist and orthopaedic surgeon, and they began to give me very conservative plans to return and rehab, but all of them were too much for my knee to handle. I had a cortisone injection and I was able to run for a couple of days, but I knee that surgery was my best option. On July 23rd, 2012, I had arthroscopic surgery which consisted of a plica excision and synovectomy. For the next couple of days, I was laying down, high on medication. I stil hoped to beable to compete in cross country that fall, but I decided to let it go so I could fully heal. Right now it is January and I have been rehabbiong for months, but it just doesnt get any better, it really cant handle much. So it looks like my high school running career is over, so this kinda sucks. But I'm confident that one day it will be over, and what a great day that will be.
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I was a runner for 20 years. I tore my meniscus bending over to pick up trash. I only ran a little bit after that but then my knee hurt again and i had to have surgery to clean up more meniscus and they removed the plica. I am not hopeful of running again. I would be happy to just swim. I really miss running and don't feel like "me" anymore without it. If you are young you could take a few years off running and focus on strengthening your knee and then have many more years of running left. It is hard, I know.