Torn Acl

If you've had this surgery, please give me your thoughts.

Cadaver tissue?  Your own tissue?

Got any advice for preparing ahead of time?  Strengthening certain muscles for recovery?

I twisted my knee while skiing 2 years ago, and I just recently had it checked out.  My husband couldn't believe that I've been walking around for 2 years with a torn ACL.  He relates torn ACL's to the sports injuries he sees on TV - the football player screaming & being carried off.


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6 Responses Feb 20, 2009

I had an acl replacement 10 days ago and I'm astonished at how painful and difficult this has been. I'm also astonished at how little the doctors told me. I am seriously considering not going back to the sport I love because I never want to go through this again. And the docs say I'm doing well --- I can fully straighten my knee and I can bend it to about 100 degrees. I can walk on it and I use crutches only for balance. I hate painkillers, and have tried not to use them much but this is extraordinarily painful.

I had ACL surgery this summer and I used my own hamstring tissue for the repair. It took me 4-6 months to completely recover from it, but doctors say it is a year. they want you up and on yr feet immediately after surgery, like the next day. Dont be stubborn like me and not take the pain killers... because that sucked. Its been almost a year since i had the surgery and it is one of the best decisions i have made and i am so much better because of it!

I was in a car accident a month ago and had surgery on my knee last week to repair a torn meniscus. Unfortunately during surgery, my doctor noticed my ACL was torn. He and another doctor suggest that I have the surgery but I'm concerned about the pain and recovery time as I'm a single woman with bills, if u know what I! Glad your surgery went well and thanks for sharing your story it helped ease my nerves a tad!

Make sure they give you a continus Nerve block, not just a shot. You will feel NO pain if the do this. its great for rehab. look up my uncle had one of these for a ACL. good luck and dont accept what the doctors tells you about you wont have much pain, you'll be ok. tell him you dont want any and dont have to have any with this.

I was given the option of building up muscle to improve support, but because two of the three were gone, there was a chance I could blow out my knee. I was in my late twenties at the time, did not have children yet, and pictured myself at the top of stairs trying to prevent a child from cascading down and unable to stop it because I had lost a knee. So I elected to have the surgery. Recovery process was painful and long, lots of physical therapy, as Loop refered to above at least 6 months. Biking is the best excercise as it does not put strain on the knee. Swimming is also recommended. It is really up to you and your life style. If you have already been walking around for the last two years with little trouble you may want to consider the exercise routine first. Can you have a session with a physical therapist to discuss a routine?

Complete torn ACL or a partial? I had a partial ACL and MCL tear and never had surgery. You know the sound rice krispies make when you pour milk in, that's the sound I heard coming out of my knee when my ski's didn't release in a pile of powder. It's loose now and I have abused it from time to time, but I can still get around pretty well, I just make sure I don't to a lot of side to side movements on it. Don't know if I am ready to spend the next 6 to 8 months rehabing it from surgery.

I have had my acl replaced twice. Lost 2 of the three ligaments on my right knee in a ski accident (skis never released from my boots). They replaced them with a graft from my hamsting. About 15 years later I had to have them replaced again as they had gone a bit loosy-goosey. Again they used a graft from my hamstring. I would stay well away from the cadaver bits, I believe there has been some trouble. My last surgeon commented about them. I wish I could remember, sorry. Good luck to you, let us know when you are going in, I would like to keep in touch.