Chrondromalacia Patella And Medial And Laterial Meniscus Tear

Hello this superlover, I am a 39 year old female. My occupation is welding. Have some questions, been welding for 5 yrs, never had any knee problem until made 39yrs old. I work in a shipyard doing strengeous work. Meaning we do alot of climbing,bending,kneeling,squatting etc... My knees started hurting in 2009 been on my job for a year. Now I'm experiencing knee pain. fell off a scaffold in July but didn't experence any pain. My knees was already hurting so from the fall i really couldn't tell. continued working everyday knowing my knees was hurting because of the work i do. November 12,2009 fell again but this time twisting my right knee but had a brace own, pain was persistant. Told my supervisor he told me to be careful but didn't do accident report. When I got home took off my brace the pain was excruciating. Couldn't bend already but I couldn't extend my leg. Pain was so bad had me crying. Went to a pain center done MRI didn't find anything.  Took a cortizonsteriod didn't help with pain went to a othropedic surgeon and schedule artroscopic surgery for Jan.15 2010. Had the surgery he diagnois me with chrodromalacia petalle because of the knee pain I was having before twisting my knee. Do you think the chrondromalacia Patella was the cause of my meniscus tear or the twisting of my knee. Before I twisted my knee I could exstend it i just couldn't do anything else like bending,climbing etc.... All this happen at work because of the overuse of my knees. oh for this was an outpatient surgery. sorry forgot he shaved my patella and that didn't do any good still hurtin when i sat, walk sit, and bending etc.. Went to my pt but didn't accomplish any thing. couldn't do any execise because of the pain. The temperature was very warm inside my knee. Everytime I move around it irritates my knee and it swells again. Its been 2months since my surgery. When back to the doctor he read the report from the physical therapist now he wants to send me to a one day rehabilitation to test my strength in my right leg. I know i want be able to work anymore because I can't stand or sit etc.. for along period of time. so what can I do to exercise. Have to wear a brace too. don't want to but have to. Need answers.

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Hello, just wondering how your knees are today. I had same procedure as you.