My Detailed Experience Of Labiaplasty!

Hey guys,
I'm 19, from Sydney, and I had labiaplasty in september! I just wanted to share my story about having this surgery, because I know how many of these stories I have been reading through this whole experience, and it can just be nice to know that people are going through the same mental and physical things you are going through as well.

I had this surgery done for many reasons, the main being discomfort, but obviously I did hate the way it looked as well. I have wanted this done for years and years, and although people have different views on girls undertaking this surgery, I personally believe that if you are choosing to have this surgery because you suffer from some discomfort in every day life, or during sex, may not like the way it looks as well, but have an understanding that there isn't exactly a 'normal' or 'standard' look for down there, then you are most likely doing this for good reasons that could seriously change your life. I really don't like people that do not have enlarged/protuding labia and still judge others decisions to have this surgery, they have no idea what it is like to live with this. I only have told my mum and my best friend of a million years who I trust with my life that I am having the surgery, so hopefully I can recover in time before my friends start becoming suspicious about why I am not hanging out with them all the time. I am also a virgin haha, mainly because I was once dating a guy that went to go 'down there' but basically stopped and claimed he didn't realize the time and had to go home... I don't exactly know if it was because of the way it looked, but I was so humiliated to the point that I have never let a guy get close with me like that since... and trust me when all your 20 year old friends are with their boyfriends or off having sex with guys they date etc always bugging you about why you never like guys, its a really sucky thing be around! I haven't found ONE labiaplasty story about someones experience having labiaplasty and then later having sex for the first time, I'm really worried about the pain (even more pain) that I will go through! So hopefully when the times comes I will let all of you in the same situation as me know how it goes! In a nutshell, basically I just wanted to not live with this discomfort anymore, feel the need to 'tuck' it away every freaking minute, wear clothes without worrying about how much it was protruding out, actually open up to guys without worrying about them seeing down there... and basically just to feel confident in my own skin, which I think every single girl deserves.

I had Labiaplasty done in Sept 2012 by my wonderful surgeon (I found that in having a really experienced surgeon that you felt comfortable with, all my worries about the outcome etc basically went away) and although it was the most scariest thing to go through mentally, its done, and I have no regrets so far. Here is my progress so far... please feel free to ask any questions or place comments I do not mind at all! As I probably won't write about every single detail.

Day 1:
I had the surgery at 7 30 in the morning, and as it only goes for an hour, I counted this day as Day 1. It was a day surgery so I went home afterwards, it was done under general and local anesthesia at the hospital. It took awhile for me to become fully awake, that was probably the most annoying art of my day! I kept falling back asleep while nurses were talking to me. No pain when I woke up, just uncomfortable as expected, and going to the bathroom was fine. So I went home and slept all day, watched tv etc. Had salt bath, not too bad going to toilet still, it started to get a little more sore at around 8.... It swelled a bit more on right side, but stilll not too painful at all. Started icing area that night. I really had no pain and it freaked me about a bit because I was expecting excruciating pain! I slept fine at night, obviously just not as comfortable. Questions I had this day were: Is icing the area good for it? Swelling more on one side, should I be worried?

Day 2:
It was definitely sorer than yesterday when I woke up, whole area felt rock hard/numb from swelling. Took 2 panadine's I was prescribed to ease the pain (It really was not even bad though). Hurt a little bit more to go to the toilet. Looked horrible though... Right side is really swollen, a purple/blue colour very puffy and bubbly. Where is the left side???? I swear it wasn't even visible. Had  a shower today, and my 2 salt baths which my doctor said I need to keep doing. Kept icing area to stop the swelling. Possibly was a tiny bit of clear discharge, hopefully not yeast infection?

Day 3:
Pretty much no real pain still, its just uncomfortable. Wearing really tight underwear with special pad and just a normal pad, as my doctor said compression and tightness is a must! Still having my 2 salt baths. Starting to go a little insane from being bored, and constantly checking it and worrying. The swelling on the right side is still really bad. To keep the area uninfected, clean and healthy I have a spray bottle with antiseptic dettol and water which I spray on the area and they blow dry it dry, as well as having the 2 salt (or sitz) baths a day, using special ointment/cream 3 times a day, taking anti-inflammatory tablets and anti-biodics that were prescribed to me! Yep.

Day 4/5:
Still not really any pain, and I haven't walked more than 50 metres since the operation haha. I guess I'm being overly cautious? Did some walking around my backyard but that's about it. The swelling doesn't look as bad as Day 2, but still pretty bad I think. I have been told not to stress about the swelling though! I have read a lot of posts of people described the same swelling and then weeks later saying it goes away, so trying not to stress! On Day 5 I had a new worry though, I felt as if along the stitch line on the right side the stitches just stopped... and then re continued a bit further down, and along the line where it looked like the stitches were missing, the 2 parts that were meant to be fused together by the stitches had a little gap and it was bleeding. I basically freaked out over this, and wondered if the stitch had snapped or something, and that these parts that were meant to be fused would never heal properly and fuse together. I called my doctor and sent him pictures, he understood what part I was talking about but he said that he that I shouldn't worry and I look like I am healing fine so far. I'm still worried but seeing him on friday (Day 8) so will feel much better when he has a closer look!

Day 6:
After not leaving my house since Day 1... I finally went for a 20 min (slow) walk with my dog just literally down the road and back. I was fine to walk! So now I feel like I can stop being so over cautious and will be okay at work tomorrow night (I work in retail). Still worried about this little bleeding gap in the stitches line... hmm. Swelling is way worse on the right side, the left side still looks basically non existent except for a line of stitches. No actual pain though, only I do have these swelled 'bubbles' of skin around my hood area... argh so gross, they better go away! Did anyone else have this?? And when that part rubs or pushes against my underwear it can hurt sometimes. Other than that not much to report, really just want this swelling to hurry up and go away, and really want it to hurry up and be Friday so I can see my doctor and know how everything is going!

Day 7:
So today started off as usual... having my meds, eating breakfast (usually involving vegemite and yogurt to possibly reduce chances of yeast infection... yep), having a 10 min salt bath, using my ointment, going crazy with the dettol spray bottle. Basically I am just over cautious haha. I think the swelling is slowly going down, because the really dark gross purple colour has gone and its becoming more of a natural pinky colour which is good! Right side is still way more swelled than the left. I still have that little gap which faintly bleeds now and then along the stitch line. I still have this gross 'bubbly' skin around the hood... please go away! So today I finally went back to work (I work in retail, clothes shop). I caught the bus to work and it was fine, luckily the bus seat was nice and cushiony. Work knew that I had had 'surgery'... I didn't exactly say what, I just briefly said I had something removed like a cyst, internally and I didn't want to talk about it haha, thankfully they asked no questions. I was actually surprised how much walking around I did at work and how completely fine I was! I had no pain at all, and though I only really chat to customers, tag stock etc I felt completely normal. Then something pretty embarrassing happened... I went to the bathroom and my whole padding system I had going on fell straight into the toilet! So I had to go the whole rest of my shift with nothing but my 2 pairs of underwear on because I had no other choice, which felt really abnormal as I had gone all week with this padding thing and then a normal pad on top. Anyway you probably really didn't want to know all that (sorry). I guess I just went home and had a salt bath and went all extra clean freak on myself. Tomorrow I am going to see my doctor for a check up on how things are going! I really can't wait as I have questions and just want to make sure all is well down there. I will post tomorrow about how it went and the questions I asked etc.

Day 8:
Okay... WOW. So last night (I guess this morning) I woke up at 2 am with INSANE ITCHING. I knew it was going to get itchy at some stage due to healing, or stitches coming out but I was not prepared for this kind of itching at all. I had no idea what to do, I couldn't even actually itch the area because it's only been a week and I don't feel like it has healed enough at all to be itching it. I can't have an infection because I have no signs of it and I have been overly cleaning the area all week!? Anyway, I grabbed an ice pack, went back to bed and iced the area until it was numb. While doing this I started crying as the itching was so unbearable and googled what I could do to reduce the itching, but most answers involved certain creams etc which I obviously couldn't go buy at 2 am... but most answers also did mention that itching can happen as early as a week after surgery meaning that it is healing. Which I guess is a good thing? The itching went down slightly thanks to the ice pack and I finally went to sleep. I have just woke up now and don't feel any itching but I know it's coming for me again! The thought of that makes me want to cry all over again. So anyway I'm off to see my doctor this afternoon and will definitely be asking about this itching... And I will post about how all that goes! (ps. please feel free to leave me some comments about how you survived the itching stage if you have been through this before, thanks!)

Day 8 (continued):
I saw my doctor this afternoon and he said everything is healing really well, which is good to hear. I asked him about the itching and he wants me to stop using the ointment  in case that is increasing my itchiness, and to buy some anti-histamine such as Claryntine to help reduce the itching, and use no creams or ointments at all. He said my stitches are starting to dissolve already, which also explains the itching (apparently they can dissolve from day 5 onward), I really didn't think they would start dissolving so quick. He said that the horrid 'bubbly' skin around my hood will eventually go down!! (thank the lord haha) My right side is still more swelled than the left, but that's alright. I don't have any infections either. I will be him seeing him next in 4 weeks, it was suppose to be in 2 weeks but he is away. Other than that, I will be taking some Claryntine before bed so I am praying that I don't wake up feeling like I have been attacked by a colony of fleas! (it will so happen though.)

Day 9:
It didn't happen! I had a lovely sleep with no waking up from insane itching. Before I went to sleep last night I had some Claryntine tablets, and also iced the area for about 20 minutes which I think really helped... as I think the reason people have been waking up at all times of the night with itchiness is due to heat built up on that area at night. Today I went to the city for a nice lunch with my friends and I felt completely fine, I wasn't uncomfortable at all today. In terms of how it's looking...not so swelled, a more natural pinky colour, the sort of bumps created by the stitches along the edge of the labia are starting to smooth out more, maybe the stitches are dissolving? And the bubbly skin around the hood is still sadly there. I think Im going to take it easy tomorow as I go back to uni in 2 days!

Day 10:
Ah can't believe it's day 10 already. I find myself getting more impatient though, in the way that I feel completely fine and normal, no pain what so ever, but I just want down there to be healed, and look fine and normal already! Last night I did wake up with the need to itch, but it wasn't as unbearable as the other night, still not pleasant at all though. I guess I just have to accept that it's going to have to happen now and then. I can see some little stitches poking out, so they are slowly starting to dissolve and come out. One of the 'bubbles' of skin around my hood almost looks like it has deflated, which is good so hopefully they will all start to come down and stop swelling.

Day 14 (2 Weeks):
It's the two week mark now. Something I really want to recommend to anyone going to have this surgery... take photos! Seriously, take before photos, and then every day that you can afterwards until it has healed. This is what I have been doing and it really helps, on days where I just wonder what in the world is going on down there, having a look at a photo from a few days ago I can see the changes, realize it is actually looking better and can tell which parts are actually healing. And the before photos are crazy to look back at! You sort of forget exactly what it used to look at and its amazing to see the changes. I've been full on back at uni this week studying for exams next week, and I feel like last week I was doing well and this week I have just overdone it with activity... don't really know if it's helping down there. I can tell now that the labia is straightening out more which looks better, stitches are coming out, some parts look more healed then others. The skin around the hood is still worrying me, it still looks quite swelled, but the bleeding on some of the edges has stopped which is good. Hopefully the next couple of days I should be taking it easy and it will heal better.

Day 25:
So I'm in my 3 week post op now! I have been pretty busy with exams the past couple of weeks, I've literally barely thought of what's been going on down there... Not much to really update on, I got my period last week also so that made everything a lot funner, but it was easier to handle than I thought. I'm still trying to have salt baths every day but I haven't really found the time anymore. I feel completely normal still, I went to a festival yesterday and I can dance around and whatever and its not uncomfortable at all. The weather is getting super hot so I hope I can swim soon? In terms of looks, I think all the stitches have dissolved now, no bleeding anymore, everything is just still healing I guess, but looking good! Still wanting the hood to go down a bit... but not too sure if it will.

4 Weeks:
It's been a month since I had the surgery, where has the time gone! So I went to the beach yesterday, I still haven't gone swimming yet, but I think I will be fine when I do. I am still really cautious with the whole area as I feel like it is still sort of healing, but I think I need to stop being so cautious as I have no pain or stitches still in what so ever, and its been a month. I have finally stopped wearing 2 pair of tight underwear as per doctors orders, and are now back to something a bit more sexy haha, feels more comfortable too. I've read about people having sex at 4 weeks but I really couldn't imagine that, I feel like I would tear or ruin something ha but then again, I've never had sex in the first place... I think I'm going to start exercising this week, taking it easily then getting more into it. Appearance wise nothing has really changed in the past week, I am seeing my doctor for the 2nd time post op next week so hopefully he will tell me if much more will change etc. 

6 Weeks:
I've finally hit the 6 week mark! I saw my doctor last week, it was very brief but he said everything looked really well down there and everything has pretty much healed now. I am really really happy with how everything has gone, and how it looks now, the only thing I would comment on if I was being picky is that I am a bit worried the 'hood' area looks a bit too big compared to the labia (which are super tiny), my doctor assured my that it looks really good and completely fine/normal (I think I am just being a perfectionist!). I just need to be grateful that my actual problems are now gone due to having this surgery, I had no complications and now it looks SOO much better than it used to and I should be extremely happy with that. I have been going for runs and exercising more, I feel totally normal now. My doctor said that 6 weeks is the 'safe point' in your post surgery recovery, as in at 6 weeks they suggest that you can start doing everything you may have used to do, for example exercising, sports or having sex. These can all be done now but should be done at your own cautious pace, and when you feel you are ready. I have no idea when I will have sex haha but hopefully sometime soon, and hopefully having this surgery doesn't make it any more painful than it may be! 

3 months:
I cannot believe it has been 3 months since surgery! Time has flown. The reason I wanted to write this at the 3 month mark is because I actually lost my virginity this week! Haha I know... I really didn't except it to happen so fast, but it did. Without going into lots of detail, I was mostly scared of the pain of having sex after this surgery, especially because I never had before.... But for me, it really didn't hurt as much as I thought! Obviously it's different for everyone but still. I was pretty confident with the way I looked down there and didn't have to feel shy or worried if they were going to freak out with what they saw. I did have sex with a good friend of mine so this may have helped with confidence, but in end the surgery did not get in the way of anything and I really think it would have made having sex more comfortable by having this surgery. Other than that, everything has been completely normal, I honestly forget sometimes I've even had labiaplasty! I'm just really happy and this experience has changed my life for the better.

1 year:
So I thought I would log back onto here after a whole year since I have had the surgery! To be honest, I go most days forgetting I ever even had labiaplasty! Everything is completely normal, and I have had zero problems since. I have had a boyfriend now for 3 months (the friend I lost my virginity too), everything is going really well :) I haven't told him about having labiaplasty and I'm still unsure whether I will yet. I still have no regrets at all about the surgery, it is probably the best decision I have ever made for myself, and I have never been happier.

My overall tips for wanting/post surgery (My opinions, based on my experience):
- Make sure this surgery is something you actually need done, my doctor told me lots of stories about girls that come in and think they need something done to change the appearance of their labia, when it has no discomfort to them and doesn't protrude at all etc. they just think they need it changed to look 'perfect'.
- Make sure it is something you have thought about getting done for a long long time. I have wanted this done for so many years, and even after my first consultation I had a 3 month waiting period until I could have my follow up consultation just to make sure I was serious about the surgery.
- Tell somebody that you are wanting to get this done, or getting it done, whether this be a best friend or your mum, but you need somebody through this process that can support you, care for you and that you can talk too.
- Find a doctor that you trust, and is very experienced. My biggest issue with getting the surgery was that I was scared of something 'going wrong'. I guess they can't actually promise that everything is going to go perfectly, and that is what worried me, but I just had to realize that my doctor was very experienced, he teaches other doctors how to perform surgeries etc. so this made me feel a lot better.
- Make sure you make it very clear on how you want everything to turn out, is it realistic and just make sure you and your doctor are on the same page with everything.
- Post surgery, make sure you are taking all your prescribed medications etc.
- Post surgery, try and rest heaps, if you can get the week off to rest, just to be safe this is a good start. Start off slowly by walking around the house, local shops, then work, going out etc. only when you are ready, don't push yourself.
- The biggest tip I have when it comes to having this surgery is to NOT FREAK OUT at how it looks in the early stages of recovery. The first couple of weeks it is going to change every day, and yes some days its going to look SUPER WEIRD or not what you expect, you have to just give it time and tell yourself that it is not going to stay like that. 
- If something doesn't look right to you e.g. I thought a section of my stitch line had ripped and their was a bubble of blood. I called my doctor and sent him a picture, and he reassured me that everything was fine. If you are worried about something like that, just call your doctor! Don't be scared, that's what they are there for.
- Take before and after photos! I took before photos and then photos everyday for a couple of weeks post surgery, it was so good to look back on the changes and how everything had progressed! I really recommend that.
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Hi, thank you so much for your diary posts. Really helpful and reassuring,
I'm day 4 post surgery. 30 years old. I think it went well although I hardly dare to look down there - I don't need to take pain killers but I can still feel it pinching me, my left side is more swollen than the right and is lumpy (like chunks sticking out where the stitches weren't tight/dense enough?!) and quite raw on the top of the bumps I guess irritated from where its rubbing against my pad. So its so sensitive, I can feel it all the time and quite painful when it rubs against my pad or when I go to sit down. It's hard to explain but wondered if you'd had the same thing, whether I need to worry about it or see a doctor. I am seeing my nurse again in 5 days time. Thank you for your advise

Hi, thanks for your great story. I am 4 weeks post opp, and not my first time but I let it heal 3 months before going again. I guess I was/am a perfectionist. Anyways how long would you say you 'fully' healed. I feel that they are still thick and thicker more around the clitoris.

Thank you for sharing your experience! I am one week, post op, and was really worried about my right side still looking swollen and big, as compared to the left labia, that is completely small, and not swollen. I hope mine heals up as nice as yours :)

Hi :) I'm about to start consultations for this procedure and I'm sooo scared! I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the surgeon you used? And did you get the trim or wedge method?

Also do you have any scaring at all?

Thankyou so so much your post was amazing I felt like you were a big sister or something lol

Hey I know it's been a while since you've had your surgery but could you please tell me the name of your doctor or the practice that they worked at as I would like to do the same surgery and scared of the recovery and would hopefully like to see the same surgeon

Hey I know it's been a while since you've had your surgery but could you please tell me the name of your doctor or the practice that they worked at as I would like to do the same surgery and scared of the recovery and would hopefully like to see the same surgeon

Add a response...

I have a really strict dancing course i need to attend and wondering if i will be well enough to dance after the 2 weeks?

I had the surgery 3 years ago so it's a little hard to remember everything, but from what I can remember I really don't think so... It also depends on how intense the dancing will be/what type of dancing, and every person also recovers slightly differently. You really should just talk to your doctor, they will have the best indication for you :) Hope everything goes well

That was an absolute brill diary and has helped me alot. I had my op a week ago now and was really worried about the lumps near my cliterous so you've reassured me so much. I've got a whitish discharge coming from 1 side it's not sore or swollen so hoping it's not infected seeing my surgeon on Thursday so fingers crossed. Thank you again :)

So glad I could help in any way! x

Thank You for your sharing. The problem for me is I never take before and after photos. I agreed a lot small labia women do not understand the emotional pains of having large labia. This is a stigma because men and boys are not educated enough about the fact is women's vulva/labia are varying greatly and that the only source they thought is the representation of what the normal vulva should look like.I understand the humiliation as I been through myself. I feel women with large labia are very misunderstood in many levels. There are many myths about having large labia. 1 of them is having too much sex. Wth?! I do admire women with large labia who are really totally embracing it. I go to the therapist as I believe it is more of a emotional issue and self esteem issue to me. I really want to know why I hate my labia so much and feel so ashamed about it so much even labiaplasty. As I said I did not take before photos so I might have achieved a lot of good changes I never know and now I look at my after op labia via mirror. I am not very happy as I constantly comparing myself to those **** stars' and so I want to be perfect. Doctor did not tell me to be realistic. I have to find it myself what is realistic to me. So I am seeing a therapist to understand this issue. I know I was not happy even I had sex with few guys but we broke up anyway. Some even complimented my labia but I was too ashamed to tell them so I just kept quiet. But I know even after sexual experiences, I am not a happy and whole person. And my boyfriends still dumped me. I don't get it. So is the humiliation such a deal breaker to me to be whole? Is having super small labia will make me whole? I tried labiaplasty and then I do not feel whole. I just want to reinforce your point 1 which is women should go for labiaplasty for a need. Not want to be perfect because if women opt for labiaplasty to be perfect is a very tiring and endless task. Remember even a good surgeon still a human. Point 2: have to consider thoroughly and do not rush to it. I do see large labia women to be beautiful too but why am I not accepting my own large labia? Yes. I also been through a guy's "repulse" reaction before labiaplasty and I felt very hurt and humiliated. So I went for labiaplasty. Do not do it for others. Do it for yourself. The truth is that humiliated moment was not a indicator to any worthy human being to go for any plastic surgery/labiaplasty. He was ignorant. Really. Maybe now he saw a lot of vulva and some big and some small, he would know this basic fact. We women have to love and support each other. We women have to be strong and stand firm so that we would not put down easily by any jerks. Ask them to question about their balls. To be fair. This is how I feel about labiaplasty. I am glad you shared your experience. I appreciate it. Wish U Happy & Healthy!!+=)


Hey, I just wanted to thank you so much for your journal entry, I'm 19 and am about to get the same surgery in two days time! This has already helped me immensely and I feel much better about getting it done now that I have a step by step guide idea of what to expect! Fingers crossed all goes well but thanks again for your advice! Best blog I've read about the procedure and what to expect :) x

Thank you so much! Sorry for the late reply but hope everything went really well for you! I'm 22 now & it's been 3 years now since my surgery. Everything is completely fine & I barely remember I had the surgery! x

how much did it cost?

Thankyou so much for this! I know you wrote it ages ago but it's helped me SO much!! I've just had my surgery and I'm already worrying but this has really calmed me down :)

So glad I could help in any way! Its been 3 years now since I have had the surgery and everything is fine & I barely even remember that I had it done!

Labiaplasty is the perfect example of a viral meme. There is no pressure from society to have labia reduced, not from men, not from the media and certainly not from p0rn. It has started by some insecure and stupid name calling in a playground and has spread like a virus infecting the minds of stupid people. Men like larger labia, this is a fact. Vaginas with no labia look like cuts. They are unattractive. There are no medical conditions to warrant having them cut off and this includes the nonsense of them "getting in the way of sex". If they get in the way of sex you are either lying or doing it wrong. Men have testicles and penises, the equivalent is suggesting they get in the way of normal every day life so we should have them removed, it is stupid. Labiaplasty is the worst thing ever to be inflicted onto women and it is almost entirely self inflicted. When you are 13 and think they are growing and ugly this is because you are a stupid child. Children know nothing and should not be allowed to make drastic choices about their bodies before having fully developed brains and social abilities. Again I repeat there is no pressure from Men to have this done and it is in fact the opposite to what men find attractive. If any men do comment negatively about labia they are either young and stupid them selves or trolling or are just too stupid to understand their own physiological desires. Say no to Labiaplasty. You are ruining your vaginas.

Your entire comment is ridiculous. Basically you're saying there is no peer or media pressure on women to get this, yet it is a pointless surgery for the stupid and easily influenced? Why would anyone get a surgery for cosmetic reasons if there is no societal standards? I'm 23 and am getting the surgery, and that is because I would like to be able to walk around the mall without going to the bathroom to adjust myself every 30 minutes. I also haven't been able to comfortably ride a bike since I was 14. While obviously some people get the surgery because they think it'll make it look better, but like any beauty ideals they are subjective. Some guys like big boobs, some like small *****, and some like long labia. But I have heard many men say they don't like long labia because they remind them of balls, which makes sense because when humans are developing in the womb the embryo starts with female characteristics, and will develop testicles in the cavity of where labia is if male, and the penis will grow from the clitoris. So really, you could say long labia are empty ball sacks. But do I think people should change themselves because someone might think its ugly? No. I have never had a boyfriend find a problem with how I look, but I also heard from guy friends they don't like a vagina that looks like an Arby's sandwich. So, there obviously is a general preference, and it is for the ones you say look like cuts. Vaginas look like cuts entire way cause they are openings to your body that bleed. Anyways, don't be an *** to girls who feel enough discomfort with their bodies to get surgery.

What an absolutely ridiculous comment to make. Do you not realise that women go for years choosing this surgery. I am 45 and have just had it done not because I am a stupid child but because for years and years I struggled with pain. I am very sure if you had pain with your penis or testicles you would do something about it yourself. I suggest you research why ppl have this done before making such an uneducated comment. Women don't av this dine for cosmetic reasons well not women on here anyway. I feel for any partner you end up with if that's how ud support anyone you are with

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that this post helped me SO much and I can 100% relate to how you were feeling before the surgery. I'm 19 years old and in the exact same situation you were in before you had labiaplasty. I'm uncomfortable in my own skin and due to an experience with a guy almost identical to the one you described, I'm a virgin. I never let myself get close to a guy or get serious with them because I know they're going to want to have sex and I'm not comfortable enough with my vagina to let them see it and I'm terrified to get rejected again. My mom is the only one who knows and like you said, it sucks when all my friends wonder why I don't date guys or have sex like normal uni students and I feel like it's making it hard to live my life the way I want to. Anyways, after 3 years of wanting this so badly, I'm scheduling my surgery tomorrow and hopefully I'll be as happy as you are with my results. Thank you so much for being such a selfless person and posting this, it truly made me feel like I'm not the only one. I can't wait to wear bikinis and high waisted shorts and not constantly worry about how it's looking down there. I just can't wait to live a normal life.

Sorry for only just replying to this, I know its a few months later! But I'm so happy that my post could help you in any way possible! I'm 22 now and its been 3 years now since I had the surgery, everything is completely fine and only rarely do I even remember that I had the surgery! Hope everything goes well and that it changes your life for the better x

Hi. I had labiaplasty 7 days ago, and just noticed that on the one side I have a small gap in the stitch line which is bleeding. I called my surgeon today, and he said that I should not worry at all, that it would heal by itself. How long before it is no longer bleeding? Also, I am concerned that it will be an ugly scar? I would appreciate if some of you who have been through the same, would take time to answer me, as I am lying in my bed with some anxiety. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing! I'm on day 8 right now and I had some itching last night but nothing terrible!

I think the doctor makes all the difference here! Sex was better for me after labia reduction. My lips used to get in the way. I have read about girls who had bad results though. It is so important to read online reviews of your doctor before you have this surgery.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I had labiaplasty ten days ago and am freaking out about what's going on down there. I have weird lumps around my hood area like you described (I'm actually not even sure where my clitoris is!). Did these eventually go away for you completely? Thanks again :)

Hello! Yes all the weird lumps, bumps, redness, swelling all went away! I know how scary it is to look down there and try and work out whats even going on, or wonder if it will stay like that forever... but please just do not freak out! Just give it some time, it\'s healing :) Or if you have any major concerns, just contact your surgeon! I actually sent mine some confidential pictures of things that freaked me out/I didn\'t think was normal and he reassured me everything was fine, it was still healing. Hope that calms you a little!

Congrats on on your great experience !! I'm 8 days post op now and have been extremely lucky. Very minimal pain but boy did I swell ! I'm feeling great, pretty sore but I can tell it's getting better daily.
Your posts have really helped me to finally take that step and go through with this ! Thanks !!!!!

I'm so glad that my posts could help you out in any way! It really means a lot. Hope that everything is going well for you!

I feel like I'm your stalker because whenever something "weird" happened regarding my healing process, I started reading what you were going through at the same time period. I'm 3 weeks post op now and I've pretty much been through exactly everything you have, except for the crazy itching which was lucky on my part :) Thank you for sharing this. It has helped me immensely.

Haha, no worries at all! I am so glad that you could read my story while going through your healing process and have something to relate to! Glad it helped, means so much, thats the reason I wanted to share my experience.

It's great to hear your experience with labia plasty! I had my surgery two days ago and it has really helped reading your steps to recovery. Currently I'm in the weird blue/purple bruising stage and was worried that there was a build up of blood or something equally as crazy but reading that bruising is common is very reassuring :) already I'm so happy with the results of my labiaplasty, I can already see an amazing difference than how everything down there looked before, even if it does look a bit battered post surgery! So thank you so much for sharing your experience with labia plasty, it is such a personal experience and something that everyone seems to have an opinion on whether they have experienced the uncomfortableness that large labia minora presents in everyday life or if they just think it's 'wrong' just because its out of the ordinary. I'm already so happy I went through with it, I was so scared something would go wrong and that I would be in horrible pain afterwards but I'm in hardly any pain. Anyway sorry for blabbing, thanks for sharing!

I also had a labiaplasty, but mine was just done by my OBGYN during my hysterectomy. Otherwise, even though it was medically necessary (natural childbirth was not forgiving on my body!) insurance wouldn't have paid for it and we couldn't afford it. Anyway, the reason I wanted to post something was to let you know how I took care of the itchy feeling while the stitches were healing.
WITCH HAZEL!!! After I gave birth, the doctor and nurses recommended witch hazel pads to help facilitate healing as well as alleviate some of the irritation due to stitches (I only had 1-2 but they were still annoying). Anyway, they are made for people who have hemorrhoids, and that is where you get them at the store, but they were a life-saver!
Every time after I went to the bathroom, got out of the shower, ect. I would use one of the pre-moistened pads and pat-pat-pat! After letting it air-dry, I would be on my way. If I was experiencing A LOT of irritation (as you do some days) I would go ahead and use one of the pads to lightly rub the itch. Not only does witch hazel help with wound healing and irritation, but I also have since discovered that it works miracles on my children's diaper rash, cuts or scrapes, dry skin patches, basically any skin issue you can imagine, this stuff helps. Use it as a toner after washing your face and your pimples will disappear!
I am now 7 weeks from my surgery and almost completely healed, inside and out. I say almost, because I will still have some irritation on occasion so I'm guessing it's not 100% quite yet, but because the sutures are completely closed, I only use the witch hazel pads if I'm feeling some irritation.
Good luck to anyone having the surgery - and go buy a donut seat pad! ;-)

Hi. I'd like to thank you for writing about your experience. I've been wanting to have this procedure done for so many years now. I'm 28, married and I have 2 young children. My husband loves me as I am and just wants me to be happy. I find that my "problem" causes major discomfort during any physical type activity. I'm wondering if you went to your GP at first when then referred you to a surgeon?

Hi, thank you :)
I think if you have wanted something like this done for many years, and it is causing you discomfort I really recommend you see your GP about getting the surgery done. Yes I did go to my local GP first who referred my to the surgeon, and it was good because I felt a bit safer that I had been referred to the surgeon and it was not just me randomly trying to choose one. Good luck with everything if you do get it done, I can tell you now that it's been 3 months for me and I swear I forgot I even had the surgery done everything is so well down there :)

I am 1 week post op, and I actually went through my gynecologist. I told him about the discomfort of living with long labia, and he agreed to do it for me! Had it done a month later, and am glad I did. Just waiting patiently for the healing process. Good luck to you. I know this is a late post, and in case you haven't gone through with it, Ask your gynecologist about it. My insurance paid for everything.

I found this really useful as I had labiaplasty 3 days ago & wanted to hear other girls stories!! I have to say that so far my experience seems to be the same & its been a lot less painful than I imagined!! I guess I've just got the itching to get through & hopefully once the swelling goes down I will have the vagina I've always wanted........ ;) fingers crossed anyway because at the moment it doesn't look too pretty!

Hey jojen,
So glad you found my story useful, means alot! Yep I think once you are past the first week or two everything is so much more normal and you will soon see great results :)
Good luck with everything, just hang in there!

I had my labiaplasty 4 days ago and i am feeling great. I am 23 and have been stressed all my life about my labia... I hated them. My sex life was horrible, not because my boyfriend didn't like it, but because i hated myself for being abnormal. I have read a lot about it and understood that there isnt a standard for the "lips" but i was never able to accept them. So i had the surgery... The local anestesia was a little painfull but after i went numb and didnt feel a thing. My surgeon used the laser and in 40 minutes i was already dressed and ready to go home. I experienced a little pain in the area for the last 3 days but i am taking my pills and everything is going great. It looks wonderful now, and i just love it. Today i saw my surgeon who by the way is very cute and he is always nice to me,and he told me that everything is healing wonderfully. We have an appointment next werk also. If any other girls have this "problem" do the surgery, i can't wait to start my new sex life with my new *****... I can't wait to have sex with the lights turned on...but for this i must wait another month.

Hey Beib89, glad everything is going well for you, I think if you're having this surgery for the right reasons then that's really good, and I totally understand what you mean by knowing that there is no 'standard look' and everyone is different.. that's important to realize :)

Hello Beib89, I am anthropology student doing research about this type of surgery and I was really hoping you could talk to me a little bit about your experience... Please let me know I would be very grateful for this and would keep it 100% confidential in my work.

Thank you :) Yeah patience is really looking like the key through recovery... only on Day 7 now but I will keep updating on how everything goes!

Glad it worked out for you! From what I have read, the swelling should start going down after two or three weeks.