Labiaplasty Experiences

Hello girls. I have only recently come across labiaplasty and I am writing a paper regarding this type of surgery. I was hoping to find someone who has experienced this, especially for aesthetic reasons, to speak in full confidentiality with me! I would be very grateful!
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I am responding to your question of why some people get labiaplasty. While aesthetics do play a part in why I am having the procedure done, I am for the most part having it done because of physical reasons. My labia minora aren't that large (comparatively to the many pictures I have seen), maybe it is because the skin is somewhat thin, but they pull into my vagina when I am having sex and often bleed at the base of the lips. Penetration is difficult due to my lips getting in the way and then tearing. It is often uncomfortable to wear tight jeans and such as well because my lips are pulled when I walk. I just want to advocate that more often than not labiaplasty is not prompted by vanity but my a desire for comfort, relief and a normal sex life. Thought I'd put in my two cents even if it is a bit late.