Lapband Surgery

I am looking for other who may be going through the same experiences.  I had lapband surgery 7 months ago and have lost 90 pounds so far.  I seem to be a stand still and the weight seems to be getting more and more difficult to loose.  I would really like to hear from others with similar situation.......

BJCroley BJCroley
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Hi I'd like to help u when will u be online?

I had it done twice (yes thats crazy but listened to doctor) and never lost hardly any weight maybe 15 pounds. Thats why I am trying to find people who really can't lose weight. Its not about the eating for me. My body just won't let me lose it. Its very depressing!!

I had the surgery back in may and I haven't lost anything like I thought I would ...I am doing somthing wrong and don't know what...can anyone help me out .....I would love to lose 70 pound by now but it's not happening.

Oh I forgot to add that it comes off fast at first then <br />
much slower as you go along. I know a lady that had it twice! Crazy....................

I had a gastric bypass. About 15 moths ago. I have lost <br />
<br />
about 125. So you really are on target. I only want to<br />
<br />
loose ten more. What about you? Were you <br />
<br />
hospitalized long. Or at all...

tell me, how much did it cost? and why be sad about 90 lbs? were you 300 lbs before that?