Just Had Ilasik Done A Week Ago!

The results are outstanding! I opted for the more expensive WaveFront eye mapping procedure, but it is totally worth the money! I actually got about $500 off for paying up front in cash. I had two appointments to check and measure my eyes, then had my operation. The only part that hurts is when suction is placed on the eye to hold it still for cutting the flap that is folded back so the prescription can be burned into the eye. Only took about 10 minutes per eye. After it was done, the only way I can describe the feeling is that my eyes felt "fat" from the anesthetic, like your cheeks feel when you get an anesthetic at the dentist. My eyes felt gritty, like sand in my eyes, for the rest of the day and I had to take two different drops plus artificial tears to keep them moist, but one drop was only for five days and the other I was told to stop today. I just got home from my 1-week post-op exam. The doctor said my eyes are healing just fine and now I see in 20/15 in my right eye and 20/20 in my left! I used to only be able to read the giant top letter at the very top of the eye chart without glasses or contacts! Now my vision is better than perfect! I was also told that the "starburst" effect around lights at night will fade over time as my vision fluctuates and adjusts and that I may need reading glasses for up close reading when I'm older, but that it's normal for everyone. Basically, I'm thrilled! I've caught myself several times over the last week reaching for my glasses when I wake up, then realizing that I can see the clock just fine and that there are no glasses on my nightstand. It's a great feeling! If you have bad eyes and are thinking about getting this procedure, do it. You won't regret it. Just do some research on the procedure you want and find a doctor in your area that doesn't have any complaints or lawsuits against them. My doctor and his entire staff have been excellent!
love2phose love2phose
31-35, M
Dec 23, 2010