A Lesbian Women Had My Mom Who Was Married

I posted this story under another topic but it fits this topic.

When I was 10 or 12 I was around that age.
Me and my mom stayed at a friends cottage for a few days with her friend from work.

During our 2nd day stay is when things happen.

It was around 11pm I saw this women looking at my mom for long periods of time wile watching movies.

Around 11:30 pm I herd mom saying what are you doing. ?
I got up out of my bed to see what was going on.

I saw this women stripping my mom naked.
She Striped mom down to her Bra and Under Wear only at first.

20 min latter she gets mom on the floor and undose moms Bra and had mom topless.

When mom was covering her chest "Boobs" with her hands and arms she qukley pulled moms Under wear down to her feet and she started licking moms vagina and touching mom there.

She got mom laying down on her back on the couch 5 min latter.

She cover moms chest "Boobs" with her hands wile she was licking mom between her legs.

5 Min latter mom started getting off with soft moans saying "oh oh oh" "Ah Ah Ah" softy then 3 min latter mom started getting louder
at it until moms friend started laughing at mom asking mom if she can resist it any longer mom said No.

She told mom to stand up and she sat down on the couch with a strap on to her hipps and told mom to sit down on to it.

Mom did slowly.
When she was doing mom,Mom got off very hard saying "Ah Ah Ah Ah" When mom got Overly screaming out loud.
I remember mom jumping up fast and mom said "STOP" I *******.

When mom was done I remember mom covering her self and she told her.
"Look Im married and have 2 kids" don't tell my husband please.

And she said No I just wanted you this one time.
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people have sex every night...they're children are only a few feet away in another room! how the hell do you think the first born got brothers and sisters???!!!

I fell really bad for u . It must have been so hard to see.

i would imagine it would be weird to see.

i still think you made all of this up!

does your mother know you saw this?

only because it was your mother! if it had been just two women, you would have been jacking off watching them!

damn, i'd love to have seen that!

my friend, your mom was never forced to do anything she didn't want! she was a participant, not a victim! get it through your head, your mom loved *****!

four times is more than once! what persuaded her to do it three more times? i'd say, she liked it! wouldn't you say that's a possibility?

my friend, your sweet mom is bi! enjoy knowing this fact! having a bi woman as a wife is such a blessing for any opened minded husband! be thankful you got to see and hear something so erotic!