Meningitis & Me

I had meningitis (meningococcal) when I was 18. It all started because my family and I thought I had the flu. I was admitted to the hosp because my organs were starting to shut down. Wound up spending about 6 months in ICU (3 1/2 weeks of that in a coma), on IV antibiotics, performed a trcheostomy on me so I could breath. By the time I had come out of the coma, still on IV antibiotics still had a trach so I couldn't speak and both legs were amputated below the knee to save my life. After going through months of physical therapy, learning to speak with a trach I was eventually fitted with prosthetics and a hearing aid for the hearing loss in my left ear. Today I'm pretty much back to my normal self, no longer have the trach and have fully adapted to using prosthetics and the hearing aid. Most of this is what my parents and doctors have relayed to me because I have no memory of it.
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Finally someone who knows what I'm getting at. I had meningitis in 2007 and still don't know who I am anymore.

i had meningitis when i was 11 months old so i dont remember anything about it, but lost parts of all limbs, but i dont let that stop me i still do lots like skate and wrestle and hunt. meningitis hasnt stopped me.

I also had meningitis, I was 12. It's all a bit blurry, except for the excruciating pain, that's something that will never go away. I was lucky to have gotten treatment right away, otherwise my condition would have been much more severe.

Having survived is something I am truly grateful for.

I've gotten over the pain and now lead a pretty active life. The only memories I have of the whole thing are when I look in the mirror, anything else is what my parents and doctors have told me. As weird as it may sound I did get lucky because I could've lost my arms and hearing in my right ear also. I'm thankful for being alive and surviving this.