Meningitis and Me

when i was 22 i almost died. 2 months later i celebrated my 23rd birthday in healthy style

4 months on i still cannot get over what happened to me.  i had been ill before with a bad cold that would not shift but when it went into my ears i knew i was in trouble and even joked i thought it felt like meningitis. 2 weeks later my life turned upside down. my bf woke to find me in a siezure and called an ambulance. I had group B streptococus Menigitis. (a form that is found normally in babies but is very rare and will kill in 8 hours) i spent the next 2 weeks in hospital and a total of 4 weeks having antibiotics via Intravenis drips. but i made it through. i am still fighting though. the bacteria that got into my system has destroyed my immune system and made me weak and prone to infection. i also have memory issues and cannot always remember people from my past especially if i only met them once or twice before. i am scarred mentaly by my experience because i was let down so badly by my GP and could have avoided what i went through.
i feel different now. somehow apart from everything i used to cherish. somehow apart from who i am. i sort of feel lost and that is why i cannot sleep.
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Wow did that ever hit the nail on the head!!! Every since I woke from meningitis I've felt as though every thing is out of place. Like I'm missing a step. My time sequencing is off in a big way. I feel separateness also which has kept me in a constant state of anxiety since I woke from coma. No one gets it not even most doctors. I can't sleep. I've always had insomnia but now I have to medicate to sleep. If I don't sleep I get way overly emotional , and the med makes me groggy.

I had meningitis (meningococcal) when I was 18. It all started because my family and I thought I had the flu. I was admitted to the hosp because my organs were starting to shut down. Wound up spending about 6 months in ICU (3 1/2 weeks of that in a coma), on IV antibiotics, performed a trcheostomy on me so I could breath. By the time I had come out of the coma, still on IV antibiotics still had a trach so I couldn't speak and both legs were amputated below the knee to save my life. After going through months of physical therapy, learning to speak with a trach I was eventually fitted with prosthetics and a hearing aid for the hearing loss in my left ear. Today I'm pretty much back to my normal self, no longer have the trach and have fully adapted to using prosthetics and the hearing aid. Most of this is what my parents and doctors have relayed to me because I have no memory of it. I know what you're going through and it takes time to start feeling an improvement. It could take years before you are completely back to your old self.

Good Luck.

I am 50 years old, but had meningitis (bacterial pneumonnical) when I was 27. I knew immediately after I came home from the hospital that I was not the same person I had been before I was sick. Today, I have short-term memory problems, anxiety, trouble sleeping, fatigue, achy joints, colon issues, and bladder issues. I have been fighting this hard for the last 20 years. I have just recently found out that there are severe latent after-effects to spinal meningitis. I wish all of you the best, but always be aware that just because you believe your symptoms don't have anything to do with meningitis, they might very well be because of meningitis.

I spent a week in hospital (3 days in ICU) with this a few years ago and it messed my health up pretty bad for a while. The night I was admitted was worse than anything I could have imagined and, as my organs were shutting down, I would have died if I hadn’t had that hospital care. They can’t tell me where the bacteria came from. Scary to think that could happen again!! It took six months before people started saying the ‘old me’ was back. I have read a few stories in the news of people who have even died from this, so it could be worse. We made it and are lucky. Keep up the good fight!

I'm so happy to find others who understand!!!!! I too suffer from depression,anxiety ,short term memory problems, fatigue, achy joints,and colon issues. along with dizziness and balance problems. I too am not the same being as I was before the illness. I feel as though I'm having a out of body experience all the time. Like I'm disconnected. I'm so happy to know it's not all my imagination. People only see the outside and assume that everything is ok,back to normal. NOT. I've always known I have needed to connect with someone who knows where I'm coming from.

am 22 years old and i had bacterial meningitis last year.. i went in s coma for bout amonth. am fine now accept the memory lose and the depprission i have. i dont know what to do i feel soooo bad . am tierd all the time.. i went to lots of doctors but with no use.. i need support so bad.. please help..

I too had the same thing in Oct. of 2005, I was in a coma for a month and on life support. With God watching over me I made it a 2% chance of living, Today I am so much better with a hearing loss in my left ear but yes its so hard to believe I went through that, I was never sick before. But your young and I know you can get through this too

Health troubles are very hard to deal with. I was told that I was lucky that I wasn't in a coma when my thryoid shut down when I was 20. Also, two years ago I had major surgury and I still remember the anniversary of it. Pretty much - I know what you are going through in a different sense. It may take a year to get completely healthy or more, however, you will get better. You got through the worst of it, so now it is just getting over the rest of it, but you can do it, I know you can.

I hope everything turns out alright. Good luck with rebuilding your immune systems