I Had Mono and I Think Its Come Back

Back in August of 2006 I started feeling really sick and run down. It got worse when my throat felt like it was nearly swollen shut. After seeing my doctor and a few tests I discovered I had Mononucleosis.

I was so stunned since no one else I know had it and the fact that I am 37 years old. I always related the illness in younger people. My doctor put me on a regime of antibiotics and Valtrex which as many people know an anti-viral medication used to treat Herpes. Well I was out of work for 2 1/2 weeks. Valtrex had been shown to help people with Mono to get better quicker. Well that was 6 months ago and I have been fine until the last few days. I have been feeling ill again and my throat feels like it did when I had Mono plus I have been super tired no matter how much I sleep. I have been under a lot of stress the last 6 weeks due to a recent breakup with my ex. I have heard Mono can come back you never really rid your body of the virus which is caused by the Epstein Bar virus. I will see have to see my doctor here soon. Has anyone else out there ever had this before? I would be interested to hear about your symptoms and how long it lasted.

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I'm 36. I first had mono when I was a young teen & since then I haven't had a problem until recently. This week I got a fever, headache, night sweats, nightmares, body aches, swollen glands in my groin & my throat looks like strep- swollen glands, white patchy stuff on my tonsils, i can hardly swallow anything, The strep test came back negative twice. So now I'm off to the hospital to try to get some answers & relief. Also, this seems to be triggering an episode of herpes. If mono is in the same family of virus as herpes then it stands to reason that a viral suppressant like valtrex might provide relief. I'm only 3 or 4 days into it. I can't imagine being like this for weeks. It's definitely depressing. I wish all of you going through this healing & strength.

My husband is 73 when he was a little boy he had mono,recently he got really sick with fever ect. we went to hospitable because i thought his liver and or kidneys were failing after allot of test they discovered he had mono as a kid and it came back with a vengeance after antibiotic he is allot better

I have it in round two as well. I think im mostly sad, a little depressed. I'm such a people person but im locked up for weeks, I can't finish my babysitting jobs to pay for my parents Christmas present and all I want to do is a big act for THEM. They do so much for me already. I don't want to have this sickness once again but yet here it is. My heart is breaking every day that I am in bed and not out with my sisters playing. :(

I am 34 and came down with mono earlier in the year. The doc told us that its worse the older you are, and it can flare up from time to time.

I am 34 and came down with mono earlier in the year. The doc told us that its worse the older you are, and it can flare up from time to time.

I have mono now, and I'm almost 30. It is my first quarter at a major university and this mono thing is making me miserable. I missed a final. Now I'm in another really hard quarter and I keep trying to act like I'm getting better and doing everything I should, but I'm really exhausted and struggling. The fevers, nightmares, and swelling and pains in my abdomen freak me out. It's already been a month or two. The fact that I'm not really getting better is causing me to have panic attacks. Now I'm not sure if I'm sick or mental! Either way it can't help to be worrying about it. Thats why I'm here, trying to find out if what I'm feeling is normal?

I am a twenty-two year old female, and my health in general sucks. I have goten/or relapsed three times with mono. There are some discrepancies on whether or not you can actually get mono more than once but whatever the case may be I did. The third time was the worst. This occureded in November 2008... I have never been in so much pain in my whole life. I did not remember the body aches being that bad the first two times. i felt like **** and it lasted fully until abril. I was just around a person who had mono for the first time... i did not know it at the time. but since then i am starting to feel ****** again. Mono again? is it possible? or is there such thing as chronic mono????

Hi. I am currently going through mono right now and have been for over a year. I am in extreme pain from head to toe, when I sleep I do not feel like I slept at all, and I know what you mean with feeling like your throat is closing up. The reason I came on this site is because this mono is making me so depressed because I feel like I cannot function like a normal human being so I need someone to talk to.

I had mono recently in November.Thats kind of odd that your older and caught mono,I also related it to teenagers.During September I had this boyfriend who I also caught strep throat from and then I had mono.That jackass didn't catch anything.During the end of October I would come home from school and I just wanted to sleep.I figured since I walk about a mile home I was just tired from that.I never wanted to eat either.So on Friday November 1st,I just wasn't up for going to school.My Dad made me a doctors appointment and they didn't some blood tests.I told my mom about it and the next morning she called me and said I had mono.I stayed at my moms the whole time because shes a non smoker and would make sure I was getting rest and such.<br />
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The first week was terrible.I had these crazy dreams.I went to bed at 8:00pm and would be up at 8:00am the next morning.After a couple weeks(I returned after Thanksgiving)I felt moderate and worried about my spleen a lot.lol.<br />
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My doctor did tell me that out of all he mono cases he got that month mine was the worst.I really didn't think it was that bad on my end though.I just slept a lot.

I work in a doc's office. We had one teen boy that fought it 6 months strait! He ended up being home schooled because it was taking so long to rid the immediate percussions of the virus. Stress can also make it flare up bad again. You need to get back to the doc. for more tests or treatment. This little dude is tricky. Most of time it's not a " here today, gone tomorrow " problem.