Different Times, But Still.....

I've written about a female coworker of my wife elsewhere on EP. She's the one who had been married five times but still was clueless about "making love" but just laid there to get ******.  Well, between her watching my wife and me have sex and some instruction from my wife, she started getting more relaxed and having fun with sex.

It was great for me having both women playing with me, then getting to **** both of them.  The woman had talked about being very close to another female friend a few years before; close enough they had sex several times and she liked it.  We told her she could lick my wife's ***** if she wanted but my wife didn't like to do that to women.  She was fine with that, so another activity was added to our fun: Me ******* her while she ate my wife's *****!

After I had been ******* her for a year or so, she scheduled surgery for a hysterectomy to clear up some female problems and not have to worry about pregnancy.  My wife offered her the option to stay with us for a couple of weeks while she recovered.  A few days into her recovery, she was ready to see how her ***** felt with a **** in it again, so I carefully eased it into her while she was on her back and I was laying on my side.  That position didn't put any pressure on her tummy and gave her freedom to take as much of my **** as she wanted.  She took most of it and wanted to **** for several minutes.  I ****** her every day after that along with taking care of my wife, too.  They both watched me **** the other and participated to whatever degree they could.

We had met the woman's mother because she was a massage therapist and I enjoyed massages.  I think I wrote about her mother on EP as well.  She would bring her massage table when she visited and had no problem with me being naked with no drape while she worked on me.  She enjoyed being nude when she could but was always dressed while giving a massage because that was the professional thing to do.  I think she took it as a compliment when my **** would get hard while she massaged me!  In talking with her, it was obvious she was aware that I was ******* her daughter but it didn't affect our relationship.  She became a good friend of my wife and me, and also began to enjoy our pool nude with us.  There were a few times that she visited when her daughter was also present and all of us got naked in the pool.  I never ****** the daughter while her mom was there, though.

It seemed that the mother didn't have any problem knowing I was ******* her daughter and my wife; all three of us playing around, etc.  She got more and more relaxed around my wife and me; to the point that she would come into our bedroom to chat, even if we were having sex.  She watched my wife and me give each other oral while we chatted, then I'd get on top of my wife and start ******* while she watched.  She never wanted me to touch her intimately while my wife was present, but began to get more intimate when my wife couldn't see directly.  She liked seeing my **** get hard when I would cuddle with her.  In time, my intimacy with the mother got more intense, but always at her pace.  We gradually progressed from me holding her while she helped herself to ******, to me fingering her, to me rubbing my **** on her ****, and finally to her wanting my **** inside her.

My wife and I were never certain if the daughter was aware of how intimate things had become with her mother.  We don't broadcast our fun and games, anyway.  The daughter knew her mother was aware of her having sex with us but gradually drifted away from us when she got a new boyfriend.  The mother still came to visit us about once a month for a couple of days.  In each case, we would find time for me to **** her but she still didn't want my wife to see me do it, although she would still come to our room even if my wife and I were *******!
SwGaMan SwGaMan
61-65, M
Nov 26, 2012