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******* Soooo Hard!

To be truthful, I have never been raped, although a few of my encounters kind of were on the borderline. But I have to say this is one of my most powerful fantasies. Sometimes I even .... and I am a bit ashamed of this .... but I get aroused reading or hearing about it. I know that the reality of rape is probably usually simply awful, I do love the idea of a man (or a group of men) being so attracted to me that they just can't help themselves and .... you know ..... do lots of stuff to me even as I say "No! Please! No!" they just keep on doing stuff until I give in and admit that I love it and want more and more .... I realize that's such a dumb and backward idea. But it's what I can't help but think. And I'm such a racist little ***** .... I often fantasize that the guys are of a certain ethnic group or something. So immature, I know. I should probably be spanked for thinking such trash. Any volunteers?
sarahcantstop sarahcantstop 26-30, F 39 Responses Jan 30, 2012

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I'd be happy to spank your racist booty and **** you good while holding you down. It is sort of role playing as you speak of it and not something to be done to any woman who did not enthusiastically join in the fantasy. I have a short story to share with you about a girlfriend who shared with me that she was raped one night while taking out the trash in a public housing project where she and her family lived while a teenager. She had a son as the result who was grown at age 20 when I met her. She was by the way, the best woman I ever had, but as they say, "You don't miss your water until your well runs drive." I met her when she was 43 y.o. and I was 39. She would do anything for me such as serve me steak and eggs in bed on Sunday morning, offered to buy me my first pair of $100 shoes for my birthday which I refused and asked her to buy me 2 pr. for that price since that's how much she had set aside to spend on me. Anyway, after being with her for a while and having great sex with her I sensed she seemed to get extra excited if I held her hands by her sides and kissed her as I made love to her. She seemed to have more prolific ******* and as a result I experimented as in holding her hands above her head. She would climax and climax and climax until she begged me to stop. This continued until we parted ways because of a foolish decision on my part that I wanted to be a father again and she could not have children. What a mistake that was but another story for another time. I never did discuss it with her as I did not wish to embarrass her because she seemed to really get off on it. In fact we both enjoyed what perhaps was our shared secret neither of us spoke of but enjoyed immensely.

Sure, I'd love to spank that tush-but unfortunately you live far from me.

Here ! I think your fantasy is within the bounds of safe fantasies and you add a certain something with your thinking maybe you should get a spanking for thinking up that fantasy. Great fun.

Yes. Spank me!

Okay. That does open up a nice fantasy indeed.. Ok... from the middle of Ok, Okay
Okie G

Yes ***** me

It's really not trash, but a very common female fantasy. After all, if one ***** is good, wouldn't more ***** be even better? Rape takes away the guilt because you were forced to do this. In any event, I would love to spank your sweet ***. Bare bottom and OTK!

Get over my knees young lady

I once went to a rave with a croup of friends
I took some e and when It kicked in I had this urge to kiss another guy
Ended up going to a gay sauna with a guy where I wasn't raped but I had more **** then I knew what to do with I was ****** at least 5 times in the dark room
After that I craved being taken by a few good men and held down while they **** me hard

I was raped

I was raped by 3 black guys when I was 19 and I had ****** after ****** after ******. I have never had my holes pounded like I had that night, they completely destroyed my holes until they were bleeding. I don't know how many times I squirted everywhere but it seemed like every 30 seconds my **** was spraying everywhere. At first I was scrreaming for them to stop and was crying and trying to get away. Once I started having ****** after ****** my crying and screaming turned into moaning and orgasmic screams. I started begging them to **** me harder and pound my holes like crazy. From that point on was the most intense, rough, incredible sex ever. I loved knowing that they had been brutally raping me and using and destroying my holes for their pleasure. I ended up beaten and bloody by the end, with *** dripping from my **** and butt. My **** was ripped and bleeding and there was blood pouring out of my butt. I just laid there with a smile on my face, I was so happy I had just been raped

I'm sorry you were hurt, but being blacked is verrrrry arousing. It's not just their thick ***** and their powerful thighs slamming their meat into you, it's the way they talk and degrade you. Very arousing!

Don't be sorry, I was in heaven! The whole time they were pounding the **** out of my holes they were degrsading me. Saying things like "take my huge ****** **** in your nasty little **** you ******* dirty *****" "I'm gonna rip your slutty *** apart with my **** so you wont **** right for the rest of your ******* life!"

Ohhhh yeah. That sounds familiar. Every time they made me call them the N- word I climaxed.

Very hott fantasy! Don't be ashamed of it. Many people have this kind of fantasy.

In this post, you mentioned some of your past encounters were in the borderline of being raped. Would you mind sharing what happened that were 'borderline'? If you don't feel comfortable sharing here, feel free to message me.

Thank you so much for sharing this, by the way!

Let's just say that what started off as a simple date ended up getting way kinky ... way fast.

How kinky was he?

I'd love to...I'm very good with rope. ;) I could always tie you down a bit leaving my hands free to do other things...

wickked things

Delightfully torturous things...

Such as?

ah Sarah. On a serious note, people often thinking about rape fantasies and saying that they know rape is not a pleasant experience, probably are speaking about there need for sexual intensity. Probably what you fantasize about is someonefucking you with such intensity just plowing into you with a demanding need an urgency that does not take no for an answer but just not seek 2 force.. . Pardon my laziness and not correcting Auto correct

why don't you just dress up like a cheap tart ***** and go strolling and bar hopping in some ghetto areas? you'll be certainly approached sooner or later and raped and ****** as the little ***** that you would like to be.

LOL... on the volunteers question.
I'ts very, very common. In fact some of us have a radar for it. Many of the women I've dated have the same fantasies. I made them *** simply telling a rape story. No stimulation at all. You're perfectly normal...

volunteers... haha

For me when I was young my parents were very strict Christians and so I knew that I could only have sex if I was married. That was a problem as a teenager. So I would fantasize about two hot chicks coming across me while I was hiking and they would take out a gun (and since I didn't want to die) I went with them. They dragged me back to a cabin of theirs and tied me to a mattress on the floor naked. They would take turns teasing me and shoving their **** in my face and rubbing their naked bodies on me. Sometimes just making out and teasing me. They would take turns ******* me and held me there for days. Forced sex was the only way I could justify having sex while maintaining my "faithfulness".

Lets just say I'm not longer Christian. But that is still a fun fantasy.

Oh, yes. Fun fantasy!

I know it sounds crazy but I've always wanted to take this to the test. I've never done it, but I've always wondered if a woman would get turned on if me and a group of friends ******** her down and fingered and are her ***** against her will. I guess the fear of her bit liking it stops me, but I know I would submit if the tables were turned. How could I not get horny if 5 hott chicks ******** me and took turns sucking my ****? I would beg for them to **** me

I think a lot of people, if they were open and honest enough would admit they have had a fantasy of being raped. Even I, a mere man, have dreamed of being forced to submit to the horrors of being raped. I have written a few pieces with the taking of a woman without her consent and know that all that have read them were extremely aroused by them. I'd gladly share if you'd like to read one; just so you let me know the outcome of reading of the scenes of a man (or men) taking what they should not be able to steal...a woman's trust that she will be treated with kindness rather than brutality.

Reading this made me excited:) I would love to help you out with this!

Such a supportive dear!

Nu, so tell me of your fantasy of a group of Hasidim forcefully removing your lothes, feeling guilty, and discussing the Talmud. (I'm gonna burn for this one. )

Go to Sheol!

You might like Sheol. Satahn personally places dirty girls with perky **** over his knee while they are naked and spanks them with his Paddle of Fire while they wiggle naked on his horn

You silver-tongued golem, you!

The better to lick you with, my dear Lilith

Now, there was a girl who knew how to use her tongue.

AHhhh, why don't we get it over with and **** like Israelites and mostly Israelites

Do to my helpless body what We did the the Midianites.

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I volunteer to give you OTK spanking... Add me babygirl

I was at a party many years ago and a woman in her early twenties was being ********** as they called it but seeing as they just grabbed her and bundled her into one of the bedrooms I guess it was really a gang rape. As well as being raped she was also ***********, she never orgasmed while being ****** but they had her convulsing in ****** three times from being ***********. It was the first time I had seen a woman ******.

You would love to have watched it, am i right ?

What an awful thing to say!

So why do you want me to tell you more ?

*clapping hand over mouth* Because ..... because I am a lying horny little *****.

That's better,. . . . best sight in the world, you could see her trying to fight it, as she begged them to stop, then she started to pant and screw her face up. She was making gasping noises and then her hips started to buck as she convulsed in ******.

Oh, my ... then what? Did she climax again?

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Hey Sarah, Keep on with your dreams!! if at least thats what you can have and the wish they could be fulfilled your way, with your intent. You don't need a lecture about the vilness of rape.
To arange something is your only posibility. As with people that "switch" at role playing... dominant/subservant, etc people can get their satisfaction. I am a male and have had the same dreams with two women having there way with me BUT I have had dreams of switchin that role also! lol! Oh well, to my dreams. Have fun!

I imagine at one time rape, as we define it, was the status quo in the ancient world of reproduction. Just imagine today if anything goes. There was no political correctness, no law, just biology. Your fantasy would be a daily reality.

that would not be good at all....

Haha I think the same kind of trash all day long bored at work!

I think we all know the difference between being traumatized and being pleasured. Can we all just agree on this and stay on the subject, a legitimate one at that. Sarah's not saying she wants to be injured and terrorized, okay? How about some thoughts on what Sarah's talking about rather than what the word "rape" means to you.

It's an exciting fantasy. Perhaps it's a joke played on us by Nature or evolution to engender such thoughts and feelings in us to insure the survival of the species. We might not exist were it not for a gang rape in Outer Mongolia 7,000 years ago. Would any of us trade our existence to expunge that incident?

Well... I don't think you get raped because someone or a group of people like and want you. I was thinking it'd actually be more like they're very angry and frustrated, or have a lot of disdain for you, and they are taking that rage out on you by hitting and humping you.

You are probably right, darn it!

OH is awful to be raped...just go to the police station and volunteer as a helper!You hear the story in India? The 5 men not only raped her ..They forced an iron rod up her...she died..Is this love?

oh, believe me, i agree that the reality can be awful. it is just a fantasy, and in a fantasy nobody gets hurt.

Okay! In asia we see too many cruel things to be dreaming! Thanks!!!!

I understand. I guess I am too removed from the harsher aspects of life.

We see them here too, believe me...

But it's a fact that the most common fantasy in the world is rape. No idea why, but there it is.

Dear sarah and silk...I have a suggestion...Why not fantasize on a handsome man who can't help but fall madly in love with you...and must have you..and you only???

Wow! sorry...

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u want me to write u your own rape story just 4 u,if so i will need a few details about u.

Oh Lord I want one too. I haven't been touched in three years and I have always been really excited by fantasies of being forced to receive pleasure. "You know you want this." "I know you like this... you can't hide it.". Oh.please please

Please add me.

If I had gone three years, I'd be attacking men ....

ive gone several years......appears ive left it too late as well.....but wont be attacking anyone

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That is why god invented safe words

its not like that at all when you're raped. it's not "probably usually simply awful" and you don't "admit that you love it". It's a horrifying and scary situation to have someone take something that's not for them, sometimes with force. I've had a knife to my throat, been hung out of a 2-3 story window, and been called a ho as i was raped. it's not what u think it is. it may be fun to push the limit of rape fantasies with a partner u trust but as far as the actual thing goes, it's traumatizing and horrid

I am sure you are right.

Fantasies are what gets me through the afternoon. Better than that silly 5-Hour Energy Drink you see advertising on TV.

That's also my fantasy and a lot of other women's too, so don't feel ashamed to have it. We know deep in our hearts its really about lose of control and doing things we wouldn't ordinary do

Sex when out of control is the best!! Abandoning oneself to the extreme pleasure of both participating in a virtual ****! May we never lose the lust and urge!

I agree as this is a fantasy and I would love to role play this. I may share my fantasy in more detail sometime. For me its all about not being in control and being dominated in everyway. I realize that this fantasy is not for everyone but there are many women (whether they admit if our not) that would love to play out a hot rape/hostage scene. I hope to live out this fantasy at some point in my life.

Happy to spank you any time, whatever the reason. Mmmm. Such a turn on.

You can induldge in fantasy.... Rape of woman is usually from some sick dumb **** with no regard to the womans wellbeing. That is not on period.<br />
<br />
But seperate the criminal act and play out the fantasy is an individual choice that only you control.<br />
Set the boundries and set it in motion to have you taken from the street, taken to a room where multiple guys can have thier way with you, **** you sensless then leave. the boys get to service ur arse mouth n ***** leaving you covered in thier appreciation of ur hot body. u can feel the excitement of the unknown and mark it off your bucket list.<br />
<br />
Fantasy yeh it would be for a number of woman. Thats thier choice.<br />
Rape well we all know thats a cruel and unjust event i dont believe any woman would knowingly allow this type of personal invation. thats not thier choice.

I would welcome being raped by a clean woman!! Mmmmm

Hmmmm ..... I really wouldn't want to be raped, I guess. I mean, the chances are my rapist wouldn't be George Clooney or Jude Law, but some smelly weirdo. Still, it's a great fantasy to be forced to do all kinds of taboo things, you know?

lol that's true, all the guys you would WANT to rape you prolly wouldnt do it LOL...and the ones you LEAST want to would O.O

yes and the same with women! Did I say that?

I think she should be spanked for saying that. Over my knee NOW *****!!

Yes, spank me, hard! Over and over ... and while I'm naked down there .... ;)

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I wouldn't actually rape a woman. She must want to be ****** as much as I want to **** her.<br />
What do you think?

If she wants you to do it, then its not rape!