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Being Raped

I do not know if I am noral any more because I was raped by 3 men, and I have to say I liked it!! I came 4 times as they had there way with me. I must be going mad because it feels so nice to have one in the *** as one is in my puss and the 3d made me suck on him. I did not let on that I liked it, but now I want more of the same!!
juliexxxx juliexxxx 31-35, F 9 Responses Apr 4, 2013

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Normal is overrated. Well, now that you have tasted something new, you will be thinking about only it for a while. Whether it becomes a permanent part of your menu is up to you.

I'd like to read a bit more detail on that incident....sounds hot.

Come to Vegas, I (and a couple trusted friends) will help you relive this!!!

very hot! i would help you out:) i thought i was strange because i want to have my wife ********** but now i dont think im the strange

I wish you were my wife you would have more of what you want mutipul sex partners gang bangs.

Stockholm syndrome in many cases , many women in general will ****** during rape .

Maybe you should have let them know you liked it they could have came back for more...they still might though

How did they not know you came especially 4 times?