Bottom Raised For The Belt

Whenever I had committed the childhood equivalent of a felony and needed the ultimate consequence, I'd be sent to my room to wait for the strap or belt. After mom or dad arrived, I'd be lectured briefly and made to explain why I was being whipped.  Then I was bared and the pillows stacked in the middle of my bed.  Over I went and soon i felt the leather against my skin. "Are you ready, young man," I was asked. "Yes, ma'am/sir," I answered and a few seconds later what sounded like a gunshot rang out as a line of fire exploded on my bottom.

 I got my age in strokes but could earn more if I resisted too long.  Mom and dad didn't have all night to wait, so they wanted to get it over with as much as me. After my whipping, mom would sometimes rub lotion on my skin and she usually hugged me but dad would put his belt back on and tell me to get dressed and stay out of trouble.  I didn't get the belt often, but when I did it was very effective.

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when i was kid and i had to get a good whipping it was one of two places wood sheed over spanking hourse bare bottom strap or in my bdroom over pillows for my whipping cyring howling out
back then common for us kids to be spank back in the 60s and the walk from back yard wood shed to the house carring panties my bare welted bottom crying up to the house

Oh yes, Jon1975- the "special sound" of the belt as it was wielded; "what sounded like a gunshot" as you describe is forever etched in my mind, along with the electric shock of that belt as it played its magic with the nerves in the skin of my butt!! All while lying on top of a pillow or two for that perfect presentation. LOL!! And, let's not forget the after-spanking inspection that I did along with my siblings. Boy, did it look and feel red and angry!

My dad used his belt, too. But we always called it "the strap" because he would fold it over and then whip my bare hiney with it.

My dad called it the rod of correction. It corrected my behavior, at least for awhile, but it was too limp to be a rod. He's goofy like that but I love him anyway.

My dad called it the 'strap' as well but I hate that word so much I think I only used that word in one or two of my memories, so I just keep it as belt cause of that, eek lol

i know there is difference in strap and belt but really when your butt is bare and getting whip you dont care what it is called

I think if it was around his waist and had a buckle it was a belt and any ***** of plain ol' leather is a strap. Labels aside, I'd consider the belt the nuclear option, but that's jmho.

Nuclear indeed! Eeesh!

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I got my first belting in kindergarten when I was 5. It stung badly but I don't think it was as bad as some of the whippings described throughout EP. I deserved every one I got and some I didn't get.

Crikey! I cannot imagine using a belt on a 5 year older! A hand spanking is more than enough to make a memorable spanking at that age!
What in the world could you have done at that age to merit the belt? I had just been introduced to smacking at that age.

I agree that's too young for the belt, but it wasn't that bad and things were different 30 years ago. It was over quickly. I embarrassed my dad when he picked me up from school in an old convertible that I hated but now wish he still had. He lectured me on the way home and was surprisingly calm as he strapped me. Then he took me out for ice cream as a peace offering :)

I was 5 when I received my first spanking. No belt till I was 7. Things were def diff 30 years ago. I never went out for ice cream after LOL! All though I could have used an ice pack afterwards, lol!

yes belt started around age 6 or 7 not sure
alot before mom hairbursh

Not really judging. And, I do not doubt that his parents were loving at all. But, at 5 a hand spanking is truly more than sufficient even for as serious mischief any child that age could commit. But, yes, times were different in those days. That is true.

I have to agree with you that I too absolutely deserves every single belt spanking I got and many more that I never got. And the same applies to the hand spankings of my youth. I also were blessed- as you - that my relationship with my relationship with my Dad was always deeply loving.

A couple of generations ago the use of the belt, a hairbrush, wooden spoon, etc. were commonly used on kids regardless of their age. When I was 7 my friend Shelley told me that her dad had starting using his belt on her little brother who would have been 5 years old at the time. I was already familiar with my dad's belt, having received a good lickin' with the strap on occasion.

I think the implement used matters less than how it is used. A spoon or hairbrush given excessively can be much worse. My parents believed that if they went through the trouble of spanking me or my brothers they needed to be sure it was effective. Safe, but very memorable.

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I got mine quite like yours, but I got about 1.5 times my ages, depending upon how bad my offense was.
How old were you when you first got the belt?

Only 5? Eeek! I thought I was too young at 7. What did you do to have a belt used on you so little?

My Dad was very old-fashioned and strict. He made a belt spanking a real "occasion" with the idea that it should never be needed to be repeated for the same crime. Sadly, I was a slow learner from 9 to 12 years old, and often earned meeting the belt.
Only once did I use a belt on my boys, and they got less than one lick per year. A belt is a killer, especially on the bare.

I wasn't the fastest learner either and got my share of repeat spankings. I've never agreed with people who say that spanking doesn't work if you have to spank twice. Often it takes awhile for the message to stick. It sure did with me.

Utopia774ever- I also got introduced to the belt at 7 years old. As bad as I thought a hand spanking was, the belt put a whole new meaning into the word "spanking." Not only did it sting, it burned with a sharp intensity unlike the hand spanking, and also had an ache component that would "remind" me of the event for a day to three afterwards. YIKES!!
I still remember cringing as the belt was pulled through my Dad's pant loops, and it affects how I remove my belt to this day!

JMCZ I don't wear belts myself because I can't deal with the sound. If I am in airport security I am cringing cause of all the belts being removed. The sound of a belt being removed makes my stomach cringe. I had some extremely memorable spankings with the belt. Some more intense than others depending on what I had done. When I was sore for more than the day of, it was a bad one. When I was 7 and it was used on me for the first time it was a shock cause I only thought that the belt was just for boys....I was wrong.

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I never had to stack pillows, I imagine it would have been difficult to keep my balance. I held onto my blankets for dear life when I was getting a licking. I still reached back on many occasions but I always grabbed my blankets. I suppose having your bottom raised up higher made it easier.

I think the pillows were used to keep me in place and to prevent a lot of movement during the spanking. I still squirmed but not as much as I would have if I wasn't over the pillows. I grabbed blankets and cried into them, too.

I cried into my blankets as well. They were my security blankets during a spanking.

They were my security blankets but they also helped me to avoid reaching back. Sometimes it was nearly impossible not to protect my bottom but holding tight to my blankets helped.

Same here...I reached back many times, one time I was being so uncooperative my dad grabbed my ankles and held me upside down, it was awful to be spanked like that, I had nothing to hold into and no way to reach back if I wanted to.

As they say in cooking, presentation is key and I'm sure the pillows helped present the perfect target for the belt when I needed it. In retrospect, since it helped reduce my squirming it was good for me. There was less risk of the belt missing its target.

Def don't want to miss target...I think my dad expected me to squirm, but reaching back was a no-no...But that was so hard sometimes.

When you were spanked how far down did you have to take your pants and underwear and did it make a difference if mom or dad was spanking you? What age did mom laast spank you bare bottom and how much crying did you do? Whatv age did you get the ost spankings from mom?

I had to remove everything from the waist down. It didn't make much difference whether mom or dad belted me. Every licking stung like fire. My mom often bared me herself while dad expected me to do it myself. Mom spanked me until I was about 13. I remember age 12 being a mischievous and spank filled year so I probably got the most that year. I cried every time.

Every so often my pants and undies would lie at my ankles, but the vast majority of the time, they were off completely in my case, too. I had two real scorchers with the belt at age 9 but the most spankings I ever got were likewise at 12. And, yes, most were for outright mischief with a measure of disobedience thrown in for good measure. My Dad's belt was in frequent use that year, and I do not recall any hand spankings except as a warm up for the belt. No matter how I was spanked, the tears were guaranteed and copious. Usually, I was profusely apologizing and sobbing when the spankings ended.
Jon1975, I wonder if our Dads went to spank school together? LOL!!

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