Taking the Greyhound Sucks

I had to travel home to the midwest from florida on short notice. I had a 13 year old ford with a transmission that was acting funny, but I didn't know yet that it was the tranny that was giving me problems. In Kentucky, my boyfriend and I stopped at a rest stop. When we tried to leave, we couldn't get it into reverse and were basically stranded. We had it towed to the nearest shop recommended by the tow truck driver. We didn't have much money but we had enough to rent a car. This, however turned into a catch-22. I had a credit card and we both had some cash. But I was too young to rent a car. My boyfriend was old enough, but he didn't have a credit card and they wouldn't take cash nor let me pay for it with my card! We thought we were royally screwed until someone at the shop suggested going by bus. What would normally have taken about 5 hours by car took at least 9 hours surrounded by questionable people and time spent in a few questionable bus stations.
aloria aloria
22-25, F
Aug 18, 2007