Ultimate Naked Humiliation!!!: An Internet Find

This story is from some guy i know.

I had been dating this girl named Claire for over a month. We both knew our relationship was based on fun and sex and eventually we would go on to something else. She liked the fact that I was shy and she could have sex whenever she felt like it. One night we were hanging out with our usual group of friends and decided to go swimming in the beach at night. No one had bathing suits and everyone agreed to go swimming in their underwear. There were 5 boys and 9 girls in our group and I was getting all worried about girls seeing me in underwear.

They finally convinced me to go and I got all shy about taking my clothes off. Claire took me behind some bushes and practically ******** my clothes off and dragged me into the water. She was horny and expecting to do a little ******* under the water but got mad at me because I didn't want to take my underwear off. Claire told me her girlfriends were probably doing it, she then walked out on shore mad as hell and left me in the water. Unknown to me She gathered up all my clothes and buried them under the sand, before getting back in the water with me. Her little angry act worked, because I eventually let her take my underwear off. She yanked my **** to get me hard, slipped it inside herself and began to bounce away to ******.

My **** was still hard as a rock and I hadn't ***, so she began ************ me under the water to get me to shoot my load. She got so frustrated and mad she decided to slip her bottoms on and let mines float away. I was horrified when I found out my underwear was gone and to my absolute horror I heard her shouting at the girls, that I was bare naked and they should drag me out on shore. They all came chasing after me, dragged me out on the shore with my hard **** sticking up in front of all her girlfriends. I was divested to find out my clothes were also gone and I was forced to bare my nudity in public. Claire was the only one that knew where my clothes were and she wasn't about to go get them. She was getting off watching me squirm with girls trying to pull my hands off my solid erect penis. Guys can't stop themselves from getting an erection, no matter how embarrassing and humiliating a situation they find themselves in.

Claire felt so excited and wet, looking at me so helpless showing off my hard **** to a bunch of wild girls and was determined to let her girlfriends have fun with me. She thought it was really kinky to see someone get forced into sheer humiliation and got so wet, I know this because she told me weeks later.
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22-25, M
Dec 13, 2012