My Dream Since Childhood

I was 5 years old and my father asked what I wanted to become later on, I happily told him I wanted to be a Scientist, Kindergarden and medium school was fun it passed on, I had no worries all I did was sleep, eat,, work at school and play, what happy life that was it's then afterwards in high school things started to get a bit tough we all grew up, I kinda got caught instead of someone else, I was angry and I got caught worse, but anyway that was only one year. In the 10th standard my dream was to be an engineer!! A software engineer!! And I had to choose a class in the 11th standard which had 3 options, one was accountancy and management, the other was social economics and the other one was Science. Personnally I wanted to take the science one my principal and all told me no matter which door I take I will always come in the same spot. Everybody told me that, the reason why I did not take science because in the 10th standard I was weak in maths which was just one year, So the teachers and all made me go the accountancy and management thingy, the first year was not so bad I came 3rd in class among 22 students, I was happy but not so happy because I know that 50% of the class are not so bright, the scientific students always made fun of us. the Second and the final year was where I realised where I was going, Accountancy and law and economics became more important so it's important that we get good marks in those subjects. so that year I came 11th, was not very happy either. But I was still happy and hopping after High I can go to engineering college until my accountancy teacher with a pessimistic accent said "No you cannot became an enginneer or do any scientific stuff!! you can only become an accountant or a manager", he laughed but I didn't and those words haunted me for a month it's like if I betrayed my self and lost everything my friend too had the same dream and he was shocked too, after that that year just went one my morale became very weak, and besides who in the world would want to sit in a bank and be a manager?? I always hated accountancy the other subjects were ok, so the year ended I passed my french baccalaureat of accountancy and manamgement, I did an entrance exam in a big and good college to do a BBA and then a MBA. Man!!! I just feel like I am just a piece of thrash who should be thrown in a dustbin. Now I am waiting for my results, I am anxious. No matter what exam or test I did my best and what I can. May god help me. when I was a child I always tought life was easy and everyone can be happy, It's now that I see that life is hard and cruel and that only the strong survive, I've lost my happiness since I started this accountancy and management sh**, I just wish I could rewind and somehow forced the principal to put me in the Scientific, in the Scientif you can do everything, all the doors are opened. So my dream was utterly cruched, I am so unhappy. I guess I will just have to pass 5 more years in college with similiar subjects. Bloody life I am living, I will just have to adapt myself and force myself to like these subjects. May God help me!!
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1 Response May 11, 2012

Don't let that beast try and scare you off. He was just a dumb brainless teacher, they come every so often. Believe in your self not your teacher. "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."