One Dream

My only dream. It was a dream consisting of love, marraige, and romantic bliss. My love was the shining beacon at the end of the tunnel in my dreary, pointless existence. She gave me a reason for being, and I found that I was good at it. I had one skill, one specialty: Being with her. And I was good at it. I could make her smile on her darkest day, make her happy in the worst of times. I wanted to marry her...more than anything in this world. Selfishly I would have given anything for it, things that weren't mine to give. I'm not like most guys, I dreamed of having a big, extravagant wedding. Not with just anyone, however, only her. I wanted to spend the rest of my time on this Earth making her life perfect, making every waking second absolute utopia. I wanted to wake up every morning to her lovely smile. But I can't have that now, she's gone. I would give ANYTHING to get her back, again, things that aren't mine to give.

Ironically, I dreamt of marrying her in a church. I'm not sure why, I guess because every wedding I've been to has been in a church and they were all absolutely gorgeous. I still dream of looking into her eyes as we say our vows and kissing her to make it official. I want to call her my wife more than anything, and although we never got married I still think of her in that my beautiful, perfect wife whom I love and will always love unconditionally.

I love you sweetheart <3

godsmack666 godsmack666
18-21, M
2 Responses Mar 29, 2009

When in wedded bliss <br />
You live<br />
You find yourself lost<br />
When it ends<br />
Dark tunnels come and go <br />
Love never ends<br />
Never leaves

I share this dream; didnt happen, I must say that I have come to think that dreams are just that; fleeting thoughts that stay alive for awhile but eventually we must wake up and find that it never happened or is over! Dreams are just like wishes; not real! I know I sound cynical but Im not really; I just come to accept what is! I know that the day is drawing closer when I will cease to exist and I know that I am accepting of that, also! I look forward to meeting my Savior; while at the same time, feel sorry to be leaving loved ones because most of them dont seem to have a clue! I really wish that they would realize that life IS short and they should live with that in mind! Take care of their health and mind safety and interaction with their fellow man and pray and worship our LORD!