Strong Wind On The Boardwalk

I was walking the boardwalk by the ocean one warm summer evening wearing a nice frilly short sun dress. I had already attracted quite a bit of attention because, lets face it, not too many guys wear dresses. But they are great fun, and several women had already asked to take my picture with them. I stopped for dinner in one of the restaurants without incident, although the hostess was clearly intrigued. I asked for an outside table as the air was warm and there was a nice breeze. She made point of seating me right on the outside edge, so I had a great view of the moon rising over the ocean, and under a light so all the passers-by had a great view up my dress (which I didn't realize for some time, but after a few drinks, no longer cared). The boardwalk was packed that night and I was close enough to overhear many comments from the strollers. The groups of teenage girls were the best; they always giggled and pulled out their phone to snap a quick picture. I had collected quite a few admirers when I got up to use the restroom. All of a sudden a huge gust of wind came up, right around the corner and blew my dress way up; not quite over my head, but way above my waist. Before I could get it fixed or straightened I heard a big cheer from the boardwalk, and saw 6 or 8 girls laughing and clapping wildly. Everybody in the restaurant heard this so all eyes were focused on me. For once I did not lose my cool; I smiled, waived to the girls, did a quick "pose" while they all clicked away, and then went in search of the restroom. When I got back to my table, they were all still there, giggling away as young girls do, so I leaned over and asked to see their pictures. They were ecstatic and we spent 5 or 10 minutes sharing them. It was great fun and certainly cheered up the evening for us all.
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