First Time Accupunture

On thrusday, i went and did accupunture for the very first time. I didnt know what to expect. The reason why Iwent was for several reasons. First and foremeost was for fertility, The husband and I are trying to conveive and we have had a very difficult time. Still not pregnant. Still trying. Anyway, back to the experience. She is also a light energy healer. So first I was laying down on a table with shoes and shirt off. She had me close my eyes and she placed a light weight cloth over my eyes. She (ithink) put her hands over my body, moving up and down from feet to head back to feet ( i think she went that direction). She also put her hands on my head and neck for several moments, and did the same to my feet.
From there, she stuck needles in my foot, my ankle, leg, my "gut" - below my belly button, above my "lady parts", and also in my wrist. At this point in time, i started to get very drowsy. I slowly drifted off to sleep. I cant beleive that i drifted off to sleep with needles in my body. I dont know how much time had passed but she actually had to wake me up, and took the needles out of my body. i never felt them go into my body, nor take htem out ( i know they were there because at one point in time after she left the room, i lifted my head to look). Afterward, I never felt so relaxed. It lasted for about 36hours. My ADD was back in full force come saturday.
oxandale oxandale
Sep 16, 2012