I Had My First Bi Experience During A Massage

Last year I was full of stress and needed to have a real muscle relaxing massage. I booked an appointment with Joe who had a lot of good reviews on his web site. Little did I know! Joe had a very calm studio, soft lighting, classical music with a bed instead of a table. He and I talked for a few minutes so he could understand my stress points and boundaries. I wasn't thinking, and said that draping would not be necessary. I was used to women giving me massages and the draping was a matter of proper protocol. Joe got me ready and I lay down on my stomach whereas he started to massge my shoulders, arms and back with a nice warm comfortable lotion. He also spent time rubbing my A*** and cleaning that whole area.

His hands then moved down to my thighs and legs down to my ankles and feet. I have tense leg muscles and Joe climbed on the bed and started applying heavy pressure on my calves and back up my thighes and toward my ***. I am beginning to get aroused. My **** started getting hard and it made me uncomfortable. Joe saw what was happening and suggested I make myself more comfortable. I shifted and without me realizing it, at the same time Joe disrobed. He reached under my legs towards my stomach and slowly stoked my hard **** so I had a shudder of a mini orgasism. He then lay on top of me so I felt his hard **** slipping between my legs and poking my *******. What an incredible sensual arousing feeling. It was shocking how wonderful it felt. I never knew what a man was like sexually with another man! My hard **** was wet with precum and I wanted more. Joe got up on his knees and I shifted my butt so my rock hard **** was dangling. Joe leaned down and put his tongue in my hole. He licked all around with his tongue; I was moaning with pleasure. What would happen next?

I had never been with a man before and I was liking this!! Joe had me turn over and there I am with a raging hard on. I put my hands above my head and close my eyes. Knowing that a tongue would be licking my **** and my nipples quivering. Instead, Joe positions himself by my head and massages my shoulders and neck and check. He needs to lean over me to make long complete strokes. His flaccid **** is dangling by my lips and I feel it touch my cheek. I reach out with my tongue and touch the firm velvety soft skin. He gets hard right away and I take the tip in my mouth. This is so unbelieveable! I never thought of myself as gay, I realize I am bi and will want more of this sensual experience with sucking.

As I take him in my mouth and roll my tongue over his hard head, he reaches to my balls and starts to massage them so my sac get firm and full. He knows how to handle a hard **** and make it throb so it is about to explode. I restrain myself and keep hard and don't ***. My legs are filled with pleasure and my mouth is savorying the taste and feel of a man's ****!

The hour was over. We untangle ourselves and spend time talking about what happened. I tell Joe how new all this is and ask if the next time he can lubicate my *** and fill it with his amazing tool.
jimhotmen jimhotmen
46-50, M
May 16, 2012