My One Night Fansty

  1. well ive always been crazy about guys. but i  always been secretly into girls also and always wanted to know how it would feel to touch another girl's lips both of them ;) so This guy i talked to always wanted to have a three sum with me and another girl,,of and of course i was intersected but scared to tell him so i turned it down for the longest time until i finally caved and told him ok. so a week or so later. he introduce me to this girl Name Paris he was so sexy and i wanted her so bad. so when we got by his house me and her was both playing the shy role because it was also her 1st time being with a girl but eventually we started talking and then she touching telling me how sexy she thought i was and was happy i was there with her and she then started to rub on my thighs which is my number one hot spot by the way then i started tougeing her down her lips was so soft and small. just like i imaged then she began to suck of my ******* and bitting on my nipples which drove me crazy. and as she finished i did hers also which was so soft as big!...then it got to the point where i wanted to feel her insides so i stuck one finger in then two. she was beyond wet and she started to moan and suck my breast once again. and just when i got her as wet as i wanted her i went down for a taste was kinda scared of how the flavor was gonna be but it turned out to be good. i liked it but we didn't have the time for her to do me which was disappointing but that was my 1st time and after that night i haven't talked to her since. i surely do miss her:/
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Feb 13, 2010