Enema And ************

I was asked by someone I chat with on another social forum if I would take some pictures of me ************ with a candle pushed up my anus. I said O.K. and in preparation I had a shower. We have a detachable shower head and I took the head off and inserted the pipe up my bum. Wow did this feel great, I kept it there until I felt full and voided. I did this a number of times until there was just clean water coming out. By this point I had a throbbing erection. I reinserted the pipe and filled myself up again, this must apply pressure on the prostate because I was so aroused. This time I removed the pipe but held the water in and started to **********. I was dripping copious amounts of precum and then my ****** started building. I started *********** and by the third spurt I couldn't hold anymore and released my bum. I spurted three more times as the water squirted out of me. It was such an intense ******.
kakdrukker kakdrukker
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3 Responses Jul 28, 2010

Now you know the reason many men love the enema. Me included.

Hmmm... I prefer to stay silent :-)

It was, I going to try getting a butt plug next.