Bubbling Boy Hormones Crushed Her Into Me

She was one of the most sexual-seeming creatures I'd ever seen in high school. She had a beautiful and curvy body, and was tall and not at all fat, but not too lean, as is the fashion these days. Her breasts were round and plush -- I'm sure that by now, they sag. But back then, they were gorgeous, moving independently in their loose roundness.

We were at a party, and as usual, the boys were all over her, trying to get parts of themselves in and on her. She was disinterested -- there were whispers that she was sleeping with a much older man on a casual basis. She looked and acted easy and disinterested.

I don't know the truth of the rumors, but that night at the party, we were suddenly wedged together, crushed into one ***-space on a sofa. She'd plopped herself nearly on top of me, with a couple of horny guys following her. They'd been bugging her, not taking the hints: her bored looks, turning her back on them, refusing to speak even at them, and finally walking away. Of course, the way she walked away from them was enticing -- those rounded globes of her *** pushing against each other as her long legs strode away, the way her hips swivelled, and her long black hair floated by in her wake, carrying her scent to desperate nostrils, full of hormones and crushes.

She put her arm around me and I looked up to her, her face very very close to mine. Without thining, we pressed our lips together, eyes closed, breathing slowly and deeply. I wanted to absorb her smells, her heat. We embraced slowly and my head nestled between her breasts. She was braless and wearing a stretchy black shirt, and i sucked and bit her nipple and big pink aureoles through the cloth. She moaned and held me tighter, and I sighed and breathed her in more deeply.

We hadn't noticed the room had gone completely silent, till one of the disappointed suitors yelled out, "Oh my god, they're DYKES!"

She got up, pulling me by the hand, and slapped his face on our way out the door. I was scrambling to keep up with her -- she was a head taller than me -- but managed to catch up to her during the slap so I didn't have to stumble out after her. Outside the house, we felt everyone watching us through the windows as she turned to me as we were walking down the steps, so our faces were level to each other. We kissed fervently and passionately, groping each other partly ouf need, and partly for show. We looked behind us to the windows steaming with everyone's hot breath as they watched up, wide-eyed.

We were both living at home, and we went to her place, walking while groping, talking about sex and men. Detaching ourselves from each other, I said hello to her mother and brother, and she explained that I would be staying over, was that okay? I guess her mother didn't suspect anything, because I was asked what I'd like for breakfast, before being tugged impatiently toward her room.

We spent the night exploring each other's bodies. It turned out to be her lesbian experience, too, and we enjoyed everything we wish the boys would do. She told me about her older lover, whom she stayed with only to keep the boys off her body, for he was really just a horny boy himself, but with his own place and money. She'd never been sexually satisfied, and I was desperate to please her.

We were "that dyke couple" in school, even though we never entered in a couple-style relationship. One of the things both she and I detested was the exclusivity required of a relationship, and it turned out we both had a need for open sexual couplings. So we would get together to talk, as girls do, but we discovered we had far more privacy this way, rather than being single girls. Other girls tended to leave us alone, and boys whispered enviously and with giggling looks toward us.

I wish we had stayed in touch, but neither of us was ready for anything exclusive or long term. We went away to college, and that was that. We found others to fill our sexual wants. But I never forgot her, and miss that relationship, which started as a way to deter pursuing boys, and ended as a sexual friendship that faded naturally on its own.
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Bitvdeeuk -- I'll bet it did, maligned as it still s in many places. With girls, I guess it's a confusing wet dream for many, but I'll never forget the boy shrieking at us in disgust and frustration, that he would never have her. He could have, but he was an *******! It's important not to be a jerk, as you know. ;)

You write beautifully. You remind me of things forgotten - my first nervous explorations with a fellow misfit at my all-boys' school, and of being so scared and confused by the expectation that one was supposed to be straight or gay, mixed with the awareness that I was sexually attracted to both boys and girls. I'd never heard of 'bisexual' and when I did it was like a veil being lifted - though the gay side still scared the hell out of me.