Due To Requests I Will Share

My dad had a friend that owned a house near the campus, It was a 4 bedroom house and he rented the rooms to college students. The guy that owned it was Tonya's uncle. She moved in the day after I did. We hit it off right away. There was one other girl living there at the time but she was engaged and spent most of her time at her fiance's. Tonya was way more out going than I was, I real flirt. She was always invited to partys and get togethers. One night Tonya had gone to a party, I stayed home and was reading a book. I love to read and I must admit I love romance novels. I was lying in bed reading when Tonya came into my room. I was suprised she was home so early. She said the party had been really lame so she just came home. She asked what I was reading and I told her a romance novel.
She climbed into bed with me and asked to read her the juicy parts, I told her this wasn't penthouse letters. She said, " come on there has be at least one sexy part." So I went back a few chapters and found where the main character finally gets seduced. I started reading that to her when all of sudden I felt her hand on my stomach. I stopped reading, " keep reading for me please" she purred. So I continued to read than I felt her hand begin to creep into my cotton panties. I just kept on reading but I was getting nervous, and a little excited.I had a girl kiss me in high school, but I had never touched, or been touched by another woman. She continued to go down until she hit my ****.I clamped my legs shut pinning her hand between my legs, I stopped reading and said, " Tonya I'm not sure I'm ready for this." She looked at me with her wry smile and than she began kissing me, with her hand still between my legs she tried to pry my legs apart. Her kisses were soft and sensous and I could smell her perfume, and I felt myseilf lossing control, I had spread my legs a little for her and she inserted a finger into my *****. She wispered into my ear, " honey you are so wet" She than said, " keep reading the book I was really enjoying it!" So I started reading the book and she continued to seduce me with her fingers, and than she lifted up my tank top and staring sucking on my nipples. She began alternating between rubbing my ****, and sticking her magical fingers into my *****. By now I was really having a difficult time focusing on reading the book. I felt my self nearing an ******. i stopped reading and closed my eyes and just let her take me. As I neared ****** I began to meet her fingers by thrusting my wanting ***** into her hand. It felt so good, i didn't want it stop and than I had my first ****** given to me by someone other than my self. It was so intense and erotic, I felt so naughty, and my body was on fire. after she finished we kissed for a few minutes and layed there until we both fell asleep.
Over the next 4 years at college we continued our sexual relationship, usually between boyfirends, ( mostly hers) we would hook up and enjoy each other. I fell in love with the female body because of Tonya. I was with 2 other woman besides Tonya, But with Tonya there was more. I could really see myself being with her, having a relationship. I later admitted it to that I really was in Love her.
There is just something about the feel, smell, and essence of a womans body that can be very erotic, and addicting.
Thanks for letting me share:)
xoxoxo Shannon
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Very well written Sunny and very erotic. Funny how our first experience is etched into our memory.

I agree, very well written story. We all remember our first time forever.

golden retreat is that! thanks for the share!

Thank you for sharing your experience with us, very enlightening love to hear more xxx

GReat story!

Instant hard on while reading your story. Wow

Me too!!!!!

Good and an honest representation of an actual experience. Very EROTIC. Thanks.

Supdr sensual story!

I think we've all been in situations we were uncertain about then the erotic feelings take over and we give in. You describe this experience so well. How long before she ate your *****?

Thank you, what a beautiful and sensual story.

Hot , Very Hot

you tell the story well !!!!

Love the story!!!

Hey baby! Hot story, maybe you could add me and we could... Talk. ;) xx

Hmmmmm....I like that story. Very erotic. I like your writing. Very desc<x>riptive.

great erotic story. Thx for sharing.

Great story, wish I had one like that!

That is beautifully written! Thanks for sharing!

A well written, very sensual story.

What a very hot experience. Thank you for sharing!

Nice and well written story. Thanks for sharing.

What a lovely experience! thanks for sharing.

great story thanks!

So Beautiful and well written. It reminds me of the first time I kissed a girl, with Passion and Lust. Thanks for sharing. :)~ Molly

Nice and arousing.

I have an opinion that about 80% of sexy women COULD have positive bi sexual experiences. The problem is getting them to try it just once. I have moved both my wives to experience it, with a bit of deception, and both of them admitted they liked it and both of them had more than one experience.<br />
Whether a man is directly involved as I was with their first times, the sight and sounds are very alluring and stimulating to most men. Some men don't get the fact that having them together is NOT for them, but for the women to experience a vastly different sexual experience that is sensual and fulfilling.

Dear Shannon, yours and Tonya story is heart warming experience between two young women. This is the story can be written and rewritten, told and retold by all and every college age girls. It is romantic unchained love between two girls. Thank you for posting it. All EP women should be reading it and take some love and pride by being a woman.

This is a fantastic story and very well written.<br />
I could so absolutely see myself lying there, reading the passage from the romance novel.<br />
Thank you for sharing.<br />

Mmmm.... lovely! Thank you for sharing! ;)

Wonderful story. Thank you for sharing.

Loved the story and love your name Shannon. I went hard too! Something about girl on girl turns me on! I used to share tranatlantic sex on msn and phone with two women. One was a friend my age in her 40s she seduced a young nurse colleague in her 20s and took her for me! That was a real turn on..then she let a blonde older nurse who was a career lesbian take her! Anyone who wants to correspond about it mail me at micheldyson@yahoo.co.uk

Lovely story. Everyone should have a friend like that.

Thank you for sharing! That is lovely and h-o-t! hehe :)