Hot Summer Afternoon On The Farm...

I had my first time with another girl when I was about 14 and spending time during summer break with my cousins. There was this girl that lived on the farm across the road from them who I knew and had a kinda casual friendship with cause she hung out with my cousins. Her name was Candy, she had lovely flaming red hair, creamy skin, freckles and was well developed for our age. I kinda had a 'girl crush' on her for a while and enjoyed spending time together when I was visiting or staying at the farm with my cousins.

Well it happened I was alone this one hot summer afternoon and Candy came across the road when she was me outside. We chatted for a while and stuff about lots of stuff and just hung out. It was really hot so I asked her to come inside with me. She'd said her back was hurting earlier from doing farm chores, so I asked if she wanted me to give her a back run. I had learned that lots of girls liked getting back rubs from me a few years earlier and I was pretty good at it too. It was a real turn on for me, sometimes I'd get a lil more bold or daring and try to go farther or sneak a few 'innocent' gropes if a girl was enjoying it and kinda looked like she was interested. All innocent and casual, never had the courage to go much farther. I always got turned on and felt my tummy get butterflies when I had a chance to do stuff like that and was hoping I'd get to go farther sometimes.

I had Candy head for one of the bedrooms while I went to get some lotion from the bathroom, it was such a rush being all alone with her and not having anyone around. My Aunt had gone to town or something and my cousins weren't home either that day so it was just me and her. Candy was wearing a cute halter top and cutoffs that really showed off her body and looked so very sexy, especially with her long flaming red hair and white, freckled skin. Her family was Irish so she was a creamy country girl who had caught my eyes very early. I was wearing a tee shirt and cutoffs that day.

When I got back to the room, Candy was already sitting in the bed waiting for me. I told her to sit on the edge of the bed while I moved behind her to start giving her a backrun. I moved her hair out of the way and squeezed the lotion into my hands then starter to rub her shoulders and down her back slowly. My heart was racing like mad and pounding in my chest. I kept sneaking looks at her body from behind her and could almost see her nipples when I leaned forward. Her nipples were kinda big and got hard fast.

She was making these lil cooing sounds as I rubbed her back and started to a bit bolder, sliding my hands and fingers up her sides then massaging her back and shoulders. I kissed her shoulders once or twice and tickled her a few times too. Her eyes were almost closed and her breathing was deep and I could tell she was getting turned on fast. I was totally lost and was getting very horny and decided to see how far things might go.

I got her to let me untie the back of her halter top so I could give her a better back rub. I sat behind her and started to massage her body more fully, esp the sides of her breasts. Candy kept saying how good I was and she felt soo relaxed and wanted more. My hands and fingers started to explore her more as we both got aroused and lost in the sexual feelings we had. It wasn't long before I had her halter top off and began to stroke and squeeze her breasts in my hands. Lots of kissing her back and shoulders too.

Just when everything was going farther than I'd hoped, we heard my Aunt come home form her shopping. It was a mad scramble to get dressed and not get caught out or have her walk in on us. I knew I wanted lots more time with Candy and to take things farther when we could do this again. Candy was blushing and her cheeks were all rosy and so was I.

My Aunt came up the hallway and opened the bedroom door, thankfully we had managed to get it together and were just sitting on the bed when she walked in to ask what we were up to and to come help her put away groceries. I thing she had an idea something was going on but she didn't say anything, just told us to come help her.

That was one of my first times playing with another girl and I was hooked. No turning back after that for me...and things have gotten better since. Sadly Candy's family moved away shortly after that and we never got a chance to go farther together. But I continued to offer other girls and friends lots of back rubs and explore with them whenever I could. It wasn't too long after this time I had my first full-on experiences with other girls. I'll see if I can share a few of them soon.

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So how bout that airplane food

Those early encounters can be soooo powerful. I'm glad you got a chance to explore enough to learn what you liked instead of settling for what others thought you should want.

Jeez, you were 14. I thought I had a fun childhood - but I might as well have been a nun in The Sound of Music. lol

Sent you an email back, Heather...~winks~ Glad you liked this one.

a kind deed will often have rewards beyond the intial act. Glad to hear it has lead to many more wonderful expereinces with others!