The Older Woman

When I was 17 I got a job taking care of some farm animals on a small farm near my house. I am a animal lover so I was excited about working there. The farm was owned by a young couple who had just bought the place. Roger was a nice guy, very hard working, he worked at his regular job and the farm too. Melissa was gorgeous, long red hair, very tall, not very busty, but a great body. She worked as a teacher and the farm also, but when things got to be too much too handle they hired me. After several weeks things were really going well, I would go there everyday after my senior year in high school and do my chores. One day it was raing pretty hard and it got real muddy, trying to bring in the horses and I fell a few times so I was pretty dirty. When I went to tell Melissa I was leaving she said I should come in and take a shower and not go home like that, at first I said no, but I even had mud in my crotch so I told her I would. They have two bathrooms but she took me to her own bathroom instead of the one downstairs. She told me to shower and then get into this huge bathtub they had to soak my sore muscles for alittle bit. It looked so good I couldn't say no. After my shower I got into the bathtub and just sank into the warm soapy water, it felt so good. After a few minutes Melissa came in and asked if everything was ok, she sat on the egde of the tub, my back to her she started rubbing my shoulders, god it felt electric with her touching me. I could feel my nipples getting hard, it was so strange but I wanted it. She asked me if I wanted her to stop, I said no. Her hands came over my shoulders and rubbed the sides of my neck, I was almost feeling dizzy it felt so good, she leaned forward and kissed me gently on my neck, the chills went thru me, her hands slid down my chest to my breast, rubbing my hard nipples was making me crazy, she kept kissing me and rubbing my breasts. I don't know why but I asked her to get into the tub with me, she said no, she told me that she would wait for me in her room if I wanted her. God did I ever. When I dried off I walked naked to her room to find her laying nude on her bed, her hands caressing her breast, I climbed on top of her and we began to kiss deeply, I knew I wanted her and she wanted me, we made love all night, her husband away and she called my mom to tell her I was sleeping over because of the storm, we made love almost in every room. The sexiest was when she took me by the fireplace, I was a virgin when I went there but not when I left. We made love many more times, at least twice a week, which wan't enough for me. When they sold the farm my heart was crushed as they moved away, she was my first true love and to this day I still love her very much.
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this story made my pe*** so hard.

that was HOT!!! i wish i could have been there to watch and see how you both reacted to each other in real time. i think two women together is so sexy and i appreciate your candor. thanks again. if you ever want to try a man, let me know. hugs and kisses.

beautifu! l do hope you do manage to meet her again, best of luck.

nice story

What a wonderful story of discovery and becoming a woman!<br />
<br />
Great to hear you have re-connected with her and the significance of both of you in each others life.<br />
<br />
Take care and may you have many wonderful experience in all parts of your life!

To my surprise I talked to her about 8 months ago, Now that I am in my early 40's and and she is I think around 52 we still both said that we wanted to do this again so I hope it does, she sent me a photo and she looks great and I told her she was my first love and will always be. So hopefully we will meet and see what happens.