I Just Want To Experiment...

Hello, i'm 18 years old and i'm in a wonderful relationship with the love of my life, Stephen. But there has always been one thing on my mind, GIRLS. My boyfriend went off to work one morning and i started to finger myself. Well, during that time i figured that i would watch some ****, "watching **** was something that i never could agree on". After watching some scenes, i went to watch another one and i accidently clicked on a lesbian **** scene. I kept trying to hit the back arrow but it wouldn't go back. So i just sat there and watched it. After a while i felt my whole body getting hotter and hotter. I couldn't believe that it was turning me on. So i kept watching more and more. Then all i could think about is kissing another girl. Now i have the greatest friend that anybody could ever ask for. We do everything together. Where ever you see her you are gonna see me. She is my partner in crime. For the past couple of days i have been dreaming about me and her kissing and doing more sexual stuff. Well, I have been wanting to tell her what i'am feeling and hopefully she will understand. I do not want to lose her as a friend. She is the one person that i can go to for anything. I hope that she accepts that this is what im feeling. Please if anyone has any advice, i would greatly appreciate it.
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I never had G and G, rally want to try, do not know how even start

Yes i feel the same way! Except I'm 16 and I've had these urges to experperiment with another girl.

U can experament with me

talk to her about homosexuality, in a casual manner. look for her veiws about it & show a soft side for lesbians. let me know what she says.

I saw a sugestion which might help spin the bottle or some other non threatening way

That is a hard one. I have never kissed any of my really close freinds that do not know that I like girls too. Fearing that would freek out about it. But for me there is something very special when you kiss another girl passionatly. Just thinking about it is makeing me want to touch my self. <br />
<br />
You will find the right time to do it. Good luck!!<br />
Smiles :)