My First Time With a Woman

I was on a business trip, on the west coast of the U.S., staying at a nice  hotel. One evening, after a looong day with clients, I was sitting at the bar enjoying a quiet drink and wondering whether I had the energy to go get dinner when an attractive woman a few years older than me (I was about 31 at the time) sat down on the stool next to me.

We got talking, and talking, and talking. Sharing backgrounds (I was recently divorced after 10 years of marriage), etc. We ordered some food at the bar, then it was time to get going. In the elevator up to our rooms she asked me to join her for a night cap. Well, the night cap turned in to spending the night, and I have not looked back, and have not slept with a man since.

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You need to find a man that is really good and encourages your interest in other women.

Thank you for sharing. A beautiful story.


wow how i wish i could come across such a woman

I'm horny! What happened?

Is it wrong that a beautiful woman is Lesbian?????? you know it is an absolutely immoral relationship, but more and more services come out on Internet focusing on this kind of relationship..such as --Lesbianseeking。com . it's the world's first, largest and most trusted dating site for Lesbian.

I am happy for you. I am glad you found what is right for you.<br />
I was molested as a child and have never truly enjoyed sex with a man, have never actually orgasmed during sex, only with oral sex. I wonder if it is me, or if I a realtionship with a man is wrong for me. Your story gives me hope that perhaps there is someone out there that I would be more compatible with.

do what makes you happy. Don't let people judge you.

Very nice! I truly believe it was a very sensual evening...

Lovely.. i enjoyed reading your story.Funny how one experience can change your life.

Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed reading your experience. I'm so happy for you.<br />
<br />

sounds heart felt i wish that could happen to me.

thats awesome!!

ok,,,spill the details sister....c'mon.

How cool! What is soooo different doing it with another woman?

i mean...NO DETAIL?

i dnt get it

that sounds amazing

Hi there congratulations on that experience and all the ones since. That is a beautiful story. I am glad you found your calling. Have fun and enjoy. LOVE Samantha

oh what a wonderful story

Sigh, I wish I had that right now

Sigh! I've read this before but wanted to reread it. That was a sigh of happiness for you and your wonderful evening. How sweet and good.

That's great! Glad it worked out for you. :-)

thats amazing, she must have been quite a lover..!

I hope my first time just happens naturally...

Is that how it will happen? Or should I make this kind of experience?

It's different for everybody so it just depends on you

great how things just happen... :-)

"You Go Girl " Gotta do what makes us happyl

I like it also ....
go go go .. make yourself happy.
there's nothing wrong about it.