My First Lesbian Experience

It is funny how my first lesbian experience came about. It was shocking but thrilling at the same time. Me and my boyfriend went to a party that our friend was throwing for another friend who was heading back to Afganistan. We got there before he did. My friend Sarah came along as well. Now this is the friend that i wrote in my first story of how i tried to explain to her that i wanted to kiss a girl, (note that my experience did not happen with her.) Well, as we walked in there were a few people that i did not know. The first two people i saw was a guy name David and his girlfriend Destinie! Not knowing that she was our friends sister, we began to talk. She started Talking about getting the poops and I told her a story and we laughed so hard. My friend Sarah didn't know how to just start talking to people so she just sat there quiet. I was so wrapped up into what Destinie was saying that I totally forgot Sarah was even there. Well, after a few Beers later and some other substances, (not drugs...), people started to leave. Our friend gave us all a hug and we cried saying seeya later not goodbye. As he walked out the door. Me and Destinie continued to talk. Sarah was starting to get bored so she decided to head home. After a few more beers where im in lala land, our friend Cody, (the guy who threw the party) said that we should stay. So that was the plan. I could not get my mind off of Destinie. I just kept thinking to myself how pretty she is and how outgoing she is. She started to tell me things that her closest friends did not know about. After another hours or two and having a few cigarettes, Cody, His girlfriend Stephanie, Mike, David and my boyfriend Stephen all dosed off. I thought that Destinie was alsleep but she wasn't. I remember her telling me that she was 21 going on 22. I thought to myself, " she is even thinking about me the way im thinking of her, I'm only 18." Well, i got off the chair to head to the bathroom. As I was sitting there peeing out the rest of the beer i drank!, I heard footsteps coming back so i hurried up and pulled up my pants. I heard a knock on the door and i said come in. It was Destinie! My heart was pounding. She went to the bathroom as well and we sat on the tub and talked about a few things. Pretty soon it started to quiet between us, she would look up and down at me, then she finally came out and said to me, "I'm not a lesbian but i'have been with girls before, would you get mad if i kissed you?" I just looked at her and said, "No I wouldn't be mad at all." So then she started to move towards me and leaned in. Im was shacking at this point, trembling not in fear but excitment. we started with a little kiss, then it went into making out, then touching feeling each others breasts, legs, thighs, hair. It was amazing. Then all of a sudden, Knock Knock Knock. She looked at me and said what the hell. She opened up the door and it was her boyfriend. He said, "Iknow what you guys are doing, I can hear you from the other room." i started to laugh. She said get out and he left. We talked a little more and then kissed again and again and again. She started to unbutton my shirt to see my breast. As she was pulling them down to expose them, she said, " Oh my god look at those, they are beautiful." She started to lick my nipples. It felt so good. Her boyfriend started to get mad because she was back there with me and not with him. She came back and statred to pull my pants down. She made me lay down, and as soon as we were going to go alot futher her boyfriend got really upset. They fought a little, then came back in the house. Then he said, " ok what if i have sex with Destinie while Destinie kisses you or eats you out?" We were having this conversation right next to my boyfriend who was passed out.  I agreed and we stared to head back to the bathroom. I made him go in the corner and beat off while me and Destinie started to kiss. I sat back down on the tub and she began to eat me out. I was so shaky but loving every moment of it. He finally came over to Destinie and they began to have sex, she pulled me over and we kiss and then she ate me out again. After about a few minutes I told them that I was going to head back out in the living room and they can continue with what they were doing. i went out and laid with my boyfriend. About an hour later they came back to the living room. She didn't look at me or talk to me. I was wondering to myself if I did anything wrong. Well, the morning came, and Cody made us all Pumpkin Pancakes. Me and Destinie talked for a little bit. After done eating me and Stephen left. I told Stephen everything and he was surprised. The next day I counldn't stop thinking about her. Finally I got a call from Stephanie and she said that Destinie wanted to talk to me. She wasn't mad at me at all. She was scared that I Wouldn't talk to her again. I said that she is not going to lose a friend over what happened. She was happy. The next niht we went over to Destinie and Davids trailor to hang out and have a few beers with them. I had my glasses on and she said that I looked like a slutty teacher. We laughed abot it and she leaned in and asked if Stephen would get mad if we kissed in front of him. He heard her and said he wouldn't. So we kissed. That night she told me things that really made me even more comfortable around her. We were similiar in so many ways. A couple of days after trying to get a hold of them, we did and David asked if we could help them move. We said yes. I was so excited to see her again. When we went over, I found out she was sick, I felt so bad for her. Well, later on that night after we got the main things into their new place, we hung out for a while. We all went bback to their new bedroom and laid on the bed. David stated to finger her as well as Stephen was doing the same to me. Destinie started to lick my breast. I was going crazy. I looked at her and kissed her over and over again. She pulled me on top of her and we started to get really hot and bothered. David shut off the light and David grabbed Destinie and Stephen grabbed me and we started to have sex. me and Destinie were feeling each others nipples, while we were laying there getting more pleasure from our boyfriends. After an hour of that, we sat and talked and then me and Stephen decided to head home. She said that she has never met someone like me and so outgoing. I said the same to her. And no matter what happens, we will always be there for each other and be really great friends.   

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lucky girls and lucky baste*red guys

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