My Lesbian Experience

Since i was young i was always very attracted to woman.. The desire to be with one didnt come out until i as 20 and was around more gay people. I used this site posted my pictures and met a woman who i became very attracted to..we talked for hours we met and right there i fell for her.. wanted to be around her..and i knew infact that my preception would change.. it was scary to figure out that yes i enjoy being with a woman more then a man... I loved everything about her it was a very scary experience but unfortunately down the road i came to find out that she was married and her husband was in iraq at the feelings started to progress and hers was a rocky relationship that lasted 2 years on and off..well i wouldnt call it a relationship because she wasnt mine but i always think of her till this day..she drives me crazy and no matter what will be the first person that i would drop everything for..Unfortunately i have to learn how to let go and i am slowly and surely.. i just wish she wouldnt have led me on to believe that she would drop everything to be with me..but it is wat it is..we are trying to be friends but it doesnt work because we both do feel strongly for eachother and we both know it will never work because she is with her husband suposetly happy and ive moved on to other things in my life..but ill forget her and the way she made me feel but its hard to just let go...

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Basically to her you were a good old fashioned affair

I have a feeling in this case the woman was probably lonely because hubby was in Iraq maybe she felt being with another man was cheating but being with a woman was not.
You were there she latched on hubby comes home you have served your purpose all over

So sad, all these loves stories end this way.

Im a femme/girly girl so I would like to find a femme/girly girl who likes me exactly for who I am. I look forward to hearing from you!


A site for girls and their admire.


I turned a married woman into a lesbian (see the beginning in my true story) and we were together some 18 years, and suddenly it was over; she left me. You have had a very difficult experience hon because you were betrayed and that's never fair. I've been almost seven years in recovery. Stay positive and you will meet the love of your life and I hope it lasts for ever. You will survive.

Aww it sucks when people play with other people's feelings.

I love you

I get rocky relationships.. <br />
But this one thing surprises me.. To me it was so normal checking out boys and girls at school.. <br />
And it was so normal to kiss my girl friend..<br />
You are really pretty