College Roommate

I've never written a story like this so don't expect much in terms of style points. But in the spirit of the website I will share my experience.

My first experience with a girl was in college with my roommate (we'll call her "Amanda"). I started college young and going from Florida to Massachusetts was a big adventure. My roommate and I became close friends and we'd often talk about guys--she was having problems with her boyfriend and mine was back in Florida. After a couple months I felt homesick and missed my boyfriend especially. Amanda was a good support though and we got to laying together in the same bed, nothing strange just hanging out talking. A few times we cuddled. This became pretty regular and I enjoyed the physical closeness. One of these times she went under my shirt and rubbed my belly. I was a little freaked out but I did enjoy it. She went as far as the bottom of my breasts and I told myself if she went any further I would object. She didn't until about a week later. By now I was fairly used to is and when she went a little higher to my nipples, i just let her. It was electric. The next time this happened, she gave me a little kiss on the cheek and told me not to be nervous. She turned out the lights except for a purple lava lamp and I knew I had to make a decision--object or let it happen. I missed the touch of my boyfriend so much that I just let it go. She kissed me again with open mouth and I kissed back. It was soft, sensual and beautiful. She took her shirt off first and brought her breast to my mouth. I let the libido take over at that point and started to lick and suck on it. Amanda went to her drawyer and got her vibrator and pulled my shorts and underwear off and starts to kiss my *****. She alternated between licking and using the vibrator and it wasn't long before I orgasmed. I never had any complaints about my boyfriend but the way she licked me--there was no comparison. This was the real joy of oral sex. After another kiss and a little nervous laughter she started to use the vibrator on herself, telling me I didn't have to "return the favor" if I didn't want to . But I was game. I licked her the way I liked her licking me and she enjoyed but then said she usually lies on her stomach when using the vibe. I just said okay and she rolled over. I went down and tried to eat her some more but the position was difficult. She encouraged me to do it anyway and reached back to pull one her of butt cheeks open. I didn't get it at first. I was trying to lick her ***** as she vibed herself but she kept positioning her *** where my mouth was and opening her cheeks. I figured out what she probably wanted and since I had gone this far already, slowly licked closer to her *** hole. When it made contact she let out a moan and so i focused on licking her there. As she was about to *** she told me to lick her deep, so I pushed my tongue inside her *** hole as best I could. It squeezed on my tongue and she orgasmed.

We never dated but from time to time we played together. I've since graduated and broken up with that boyfriend, but she and I still keep in friendly contact.
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Quick someone get the fire hose. That was very tender and arousing, thanks for sharing.

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Any other experiences? That was ******* hot if you ask me.

i just had my first lesbian experience sort of (read my story) i wasn't sure when it was happening but after a few day i am thinking it was pretty good and i want to do more.

God this made me so Horny lol any who loved it!

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Great hot story!

there is nothing quite like a good asslicking eh?

Have to ask her lol.

you've not experienced it? it's wow! but takes a very committed and brave partner

damn...rim job on the first try. great story!

very hot. my college roommate bought me my first vibrator. she'll never know that i still think of her every time i take it out to play... ;)

I want to become a lesbian. Is it possible?

Yes u can be a lesbian with me!!

that was a great story. Really hot!!!! I had my first lesbian experience in a college dorm room as well.

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Thanks : )

That is amazing. Wonderfully written and a beautifully captured moment like no other. Thank you for sharing.

That is hot!

Excellent writing and love-making. I hope you have had more lesbian experiences since then too.


OMG Great story Sweetie

This is an amazing story

Beautiful story and well written :) You can really tell you had a great time and learned how much fun both sexes can be.

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Excellent story, well written. To be honest I came while reading it. Thanks tons for sharing!!!



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that is a really, really erotic story. did she rim you too in return?

nice story, i like to see both . :)

what a beautiful relation you have, women are so beautiful, thanks for sharing

Sounds like you were craving physical contact more than a lesbian experience. Have you had any others since the roommate or do you consider yourself mostly hetero?

Nice story.

A very sensual story. Well done.

Thanks : )

Very erotic..thanks for sharing also....muah Tiffany

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Awesome story, hun! Thanks for sharing!


As long as there isn't hair in that region, I am ALL over it.

Wow ... thank you for sharing. Women together is such a beautiful thing. =)

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