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Want Sex With My Mom

im 14 soon to be 15 but i have been cheking out my mom and i looked at her changed ready for a shower. one day i slept with her and i told her if she wanted a massge and she said yes and i was very happy so i did she was liking it so i went to her feet and i went to her sexy *** rubbing her butt gave me a big ***** and i wanted to **** her soo bad but later i kinda rub her sides of her back and touched her sides of her boobs and i wanted to say mom flip over so i can rub her big 35c **** but i did not also when we were sleeping i was trying to put my hand over her boob and she would not let me. then next day i went to say good night to her but when i kissed her i kept my lis on her lips she pulled back and gave me a look like wtf and i said it was a joke and i went to bed i havent tried it since but i still want to **** her when she bends down her *** is beging for me to **** it soooo what should i do massage her again and say flip over or no? please i need help
kimodaddy14 kimodaddy14 13-15, M 3 Responses Jan 20, 2012

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Girls do not get this is a bullshit story of a sad sick man that wants to boink HIS mother!

Da faq :0

Interesting story sweetie<br />
But how is this lesbian?<br />
Hugs<br />