I Made A Lesbian Out Of A Married Woman

I made a lesbian out of a married woman…….
I traveled a lot in my work and had occasion to go to a small town and meet with the Town Administrator and to be at the town hall almost every day. There was a gal that worked there part time and she was strikingly beautiful even though she was just slightly overweight. She was brunette with short hair, brown soul seeking eyes and was always meticulously made-up. Her breasts were voluptuous. She had a great personality but I sensed a sadness in her life. I felt her eyes on me often. I learned that she was married so that dampened any interest simmering in my mind. I had an amazing attraction for her anyway. We had a meeting with the Administrator and Town Council where she attended to take notes. After; we all went to lunch where you guessed it she ended up sitting beside me. She had on a white blouse, dark slacks and a red red blazer with lipstick to match, a light blush, and her eyes were as always were made up like a runway model. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her and kept sneaking glances down her blouse at that gorgeous cleavage revealed to my eyes. I could see the top of her lacy bra and it made me so hot I could feel the moistness between my thighs. We chatted small talk. My, she had a beautiful smile and the aroma of her perfume was driving me wild. All through lunch my mind was racing thinking of having this beautiful creature.
Being the silly *** I could be when Halloween came I was again at Town Hall and I had this hideous mask that I wore just to have a good time with everybody. She and I had become friendly so at one point as I walked by her desk I leaned over and whispered “you wanna fool around” My heart stopped~~~ as she looked up directly into my eyes and said “not with the mask on” with a big silly grin on her face. We ended up having lunch a couple of times where I found out she was having marital difficulties. The flame was ignited and my desire to have this woman was consuming. I laid in my motel room at night ************ with wild desires of seeing those magnificent breasts, feeling them and licking and sucking them and kissing her soft sensual lips, dandling my tongue in her mouth, exploring every inch of her almost milky light complexion and making long slow deliberate sultry love to her.
As the Holidays approached there were more lunches, coffee breaks and the like where we became friends and I learned she was going through a very unpleasant divorce. Fast forward to the week of the Holidays. Mind you now I never so much as gave her a peck on the cheek while the fires of desire raged within me. Well several of us decided we’d go out and have a holiday dinner. We were all supposed to meet at Town Hall and go together. As fate would have it she and I were the only two to show up and even stranger than fate we were facing each other talking in the dimly lit office. I remember those soul full eyes looking directly into mine and suddenly;----- complete darkness. We kind of reached out to find each other in which now was only the dim light provided by the moon. I could contain myself no longer and pulled her to me seeking her lips gently kissing her. She froze completely for an instant. I could smell her perfume, feel her breathing, our breasts pushed against one another and my heart pounding right out of my chest. I kept kissing and kissing holding her close until she just melted where upon my tongue parted her lips and probed deeply into her mouth circling hers and gently flicking over it again and again. After about five minutes of this the lights came back on and we broke the kiss. She let out this elongated sigh, stuttered and stammered I, I, I’ve nev never er been ka, ka kissed like that in my entire life followed by when she regained her composure; I, I, I’ve never been kissed by a girl before. Note which comment came first. I was still holding her hand and whispered softly; did you like it? Her eyes were as big as ping pong balls, an expression of total disbelief starched on her pretty face and uttered interrupted Ah, ah, Ieee don’t kn, know for sure. I smiled at her and gradually a smile broke across her lips. I said looks like no one’s going to show would you like to have dinner with me. She nodded in the affirmative whereupon we left for an out of town restaurant where nobody would know us. Hardly a word was spoken as I drove but we kept looking at each other with deep soul searching glances.
We got seated in a little corner of the dining room with soft light and candles glowing. The first thing she said was I don’t know about you but I need a drink. I chuckled softly to myself thinking that’s not all you need my dear. While we waited for our drinks I went to the lady’s room to freshen up. I had to pinch myself to see If I was still alive while maddening lust filled thoughts literally spun through my head. When I got back to the table the drinks had arrived but she excused herself to go too. I gazed at this beautiful woman tonight in a black blouse and slacks but again with that striking red blazer, a soft red rouge, black eye makeup and red lip gloss. I had noticed her arousing perfume riding in the car and yes I could sense the presence of the dampness between my legs. I watched as she almost drifted back to the table with a very feminine walk. With her short hair I could admire her beautiful neck line as she approached. I said well; what shall we drink to? A quizzical unsure kind of tense look came across her face so with my finger waving like I was directing music I sang softly how about us which was a song that was playing as we drove there. That broke the tension and we sipped our drinks. Hell no ! we each took a huge slug out of our drinks. As we ate; and I can’t even remember that; our conversation got very serious. I asked what she was going to do with her husband who was at home at this time, and by now I was sure she was curious about me. She said that the divorce procedure was just really starting. I told her I wanted to be with her and finally got her to admit she was wondering what it would be like. I can hardly describe my feelings at that point. I was almost giddy with excitement and as nervous as a kid on a first date. I could tell she was a bundle of nerves too. We never finished the meal but we each had two more of Dr. Canadian Club’s nerve tonic. I asked her as gently as I could if she’d like to go back to my motel room. She kind of stammered what are we going to do there? I said as reassuringly and as serious as I could; nothing you don’t want to hon; I promise. I fully realized I was literally walking on VIRGIN territory. I held her hand but we didn’t say too too much as we drove. She asked what I wanted to do to and with her and what was it like between two women. I pulled her close so her head was against my shoulder and told her softly that she would soon find out and enter the world of female sensual and sexual love. OMG I couldn’t believe this was actually happening to me.
We got to my motel I parked in front of my room. She looked up at me. I gently guided her chin toward my mouth and kissed her ever so softly on the lips, hugged her tightly and gently ran my hand up under her coat and blazer caressing her back and finding her bra strap, ran my fingers from one side to the other over and back across the hooks fingering them as I went. I caressed her feminine neck, kissed it several times and whispered okay lets go. She looked up at me with those big brown soul searching eyes trusting my lead and whispered okay. I gently kissed her once more and we got out.
I unlocked the motel room door, opened it and allowed her to enter. She kind of stood there not knowing what to do next. I unbuttoned her coat and as she allowed, took it off and followed with taking off her blazer, then I removed my coat, dropped it on the floor and gently and softly put my hands on her cheeks and guided her mouth to mine kissing those soft full lips. My heart was racing. I wrapped my arms around her and gently held her to me as my tongue probed, parted her lips and encircled her tongue round and round teasing and drawing it back into my mouth. God I couldn’t believe I had this married woman in my arms. Lightning bolts, fireworks, waves of electric intensity were tumultuously rolling over and through me. She started shaking, almost went limp in my arms, broke the kiss and gasped I have to sit down before I pass out. I went into the bathroom, ran some cold water over a facecloth, brought it out and pressed it against her forehead. Her face was totally flush, her eyes dreamy and unable to focus. Her breathing was rapid and labored. I kept flavored brandy in my room for “medicinal” purposes so I got up put some ice in a glass and poured her a drink. As she recovered I noticed the hour was waning but also knew my ***** was soaked and my luv bud was aching with need worse than I can ever remember. As we sat on the edge of my bed I had to tell her that it was getting late. She like had a gloss over eyes and replied I don’t care and put her arms around me and kissed me with all the fever and emotion she had in her body her tongue piercing my lips and entwining with mine. Her breathing was rapid and deep. She was almost devouring me. I could take no more without more. My hands feverishly found the buttons on her blouse, undid them and cupped and rubbed and fondled her magnificent mounds of flesh. I reached around unhooked her bra, pulled off both of them and her breasts fell free into my waiting hands. My kisses and licks had already moved to her neck. She arched her head back as I cupped and fondled her. Her nipples were turgid with arousal. I licked and kissed my way lower between her breasts then drew her puffy areola and nipple to my mouth, licked it round and round, flicked my tongue over it and clamped my lips on it. She was now moaning and uttering guttural sounds of pleasure. I felt her hands seeking out my breasts, fumbling with my top, lifting it and trying to get under my bra. I stopped, removed my top, unhooked my bra and released my breasts to her eager and waiting hands. She was almost out of control. She squeezed me almost to the point of hurt, she pinched my nipples and twisted them until I cried out. This startled her and she came back to earth. I whispered easy baby easy. Her emotion was so strong she started to sob slightly. I guided her hand to my areola and nipple and said feel me, cup my softness and enjoy, but softly and gently. She was literally panting. I pulled her up and gave her, her glass and she took another mouthful. I couldn’t believe how sex starved this poor girl was. I asked if she was okay and she said yes. I then rolled down on my bed and pulled her down on top of me. I pushed her up a little so our breasts were dancing against each other. I felt her hard nipples against mine. The intensity and sensation almost made me ***. We pressed our breasts together as I pulled her close but all the while feeling her turgid nipples against me. My heart was pounding at a thunderous pace. I was almost dizzy with arousal and needed more. I guided her off of me and as I French kissed her sucking her lips and penetrating her mouth with my tongue I lifted the elastic of the waste of her pants and slid my hand gently but feverishly under. I found the band of her silky panties and moved my hand beneath searching out her womanhood. She had a light nest of hair and my fingers slid gently through it to the curve of her womanhood and her female slit. OH MY GOD !!! It was a river of gooey wet female ***. I don’t think I have ever experienced that in my life. The scent now permeating the air was absolutely intoxicating. I couldn’t believe it. My fingers slid between her swollen *** filled lips and couldn’t help but find the swollen turgid erect center of her female sex. My very experienced soft subtle fingers tickled, massaged and teased her nub and as she lifted her hips to meet my touch and in a very short time to the most shuddering, convulsive, mind boggling, intense rock your world release she had ever had to that point in her life. She said she was totally out of control racing to orgasmic release thrusting to that very last feeling of ecstasy as she exploded in a crescendo of fulfillment.
I almost got there as she did with the knowledge I gave her the very best sexual satisfaction she ever knew. When she got back from whatever planet I took her to and regained a bit of composure and caught her breath all she wanted to do was feel what it was on me that got her to that land of ultimate bliss and satiation of sexual release. I was so dammed tight, knotted up with need for sexual release I had cramps. I ripped off my pants and undies, spread my legs and begged her to do me. She was shaking, awkward and clumsy with her eagerness to pleasure me. I sat up and held her tight, kissed her softly and told her I needed exactly what she did to reach the plateau of satisfaction. She was very emotional, and upset because she’d never done this before. In the mean time I was being consumed by the fire of need. I lay back and guided her fingers to my womanhood and then told her to make like she was ************, only doing me. I felt her press her fingers between my now sopping wet vaginal lips and begin to rhythmically move her hand and fingers across my female nub. Oh yes, oh god yes as her fingers diddled over my love bud. It started from beneath me, totally arousing the very fiber of my being. It was like I was lost in a sea of pleasure. I was hardly conscious of what was happening then the earth shattering, racking, pelvis bucking and thrusting, contortions of convulsive, exploding, ***** contractions of female release consumed me leaving me totally spent and like a bowl of jello panting, hardly able to breathe, shaking and moaning and groaning totally out of control of my body functions. All I know is I was able to pull her down on me wrap my legs around her and pull her to me still quivering and shaking.
It was later than late and she was able to regain her senses. I drove her back to her car. We kissed like the world was coming to the end and promised our mutual need and feeling for each other.
Oh so much more to *** If you enjoy this.
Ya know,----- this is a true happening in my life as best as I recall. I remember it like it was yesterday. She and I were together about eighteen years. I would be happy to answer any questions If I can handle them. Our break up was earth shattering, totally devastating, almost life ending I’m alone now and I still have problems with it seven years later, God Bless.
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So beautiful! <3 Really made me so wet! So much lust and passion !!!! <3

Thank you Triple C;
More lust and passion than I could relate here and more than you can imagine. It was unbelievable !!!

I'm sure I'll like part 2 even more. You are an awesome writer.

Thank you Lori;
Luv to chat with you Hun and maybe play if you'd like. Please PM me

This is a very erotic story, I could almost smell the both of you as I read it. I can't wait to get to part 2.

I'm glad you liked it Lori and like I said it's true. If you liked this; you'll enjoy part two. Unfortunately I haven't finished part three yet, but I will. Thanks for your comments.

Wow so what made you break up? I have eyes for a married woman I think she likes me too I dnt knw what to do?

It's still more than I'd care to get into right now and here. Are you a female? If so and you want to talk about your situation mail me.

Thank you so much....this is so delicate, from lust totop and back .. made me so wet. I am 72 know and my wife 75. I trib her to outerspace and back. Let my fingers do the talking. She have me *** sucking and twisting my nipples. Am i nearing?

OH yes you are dear, and congratulations on your long and happy life together. Please write, I'd love to get to know you.

One of the most erotic stories that I have read here on EP.
Thank you for sharing ands sorry that the relationship didn't go the distance.
But at least you had 18 years.

Thank you for your complement and kind words. Much appreciated.

Wow..... soooooo desc<x>riptive. I felt like i was in that room with you watching every minute of it... almost like i was her and it was us having that wonderful night lol.... phew lol i may need to calm down a bit hehe thank you for sharing sweetie :-)

I'm glad you liked my story. I have sveral other writings you may enjoy. I'd love to hear from you. I enjoy discussing most anything including sex.

:-) okie dokie sweetie :-)

Your desc<x>ription is mind boggling, and it was like I was there watching. I'm glad you had so much time together and I feel your loss. I hope you find someone to fill your life with love again.

thank you shooter. your comment is appreciated.

Very nice and and well written story....It excites you, makes you wet and you feel the intense need for some one to fondle your boobs and play with your delicate body...

Hi Vanit; Wanted to let you know your nice complements are appreciated. I'm pleased to hear how it aroused you. I lived it and writing about it and still arouses me. There will be more of this incredable happening in my life to follow.

Hey sweetie...I would love to read more of your experiences....they make me wet...

Incredible story! I wish I knew you and you could take me to that place of ecstacy. I yearn to be in the arms of another, experienced woman.

Hello Gittings99 and thanks for commenting. I would love to take you there, I'm new and still learning the site and unsure of how to send private mails, but would like to hear from you and take you to the Land Of Bliss vicariously if I can. Kisses to you. This gets a lot more sexual in my next installment of one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

What a lovely pictoral treat of two women inventing sexual ecstasy. Loved it. I must say you livef your life of being a woman, and taking yourself to the experience peak which nobody ever reaches. I would say you try to move on, and be excited to find someone round the corner. I felt envy that men cannot enjoy all this, lesbian stuff is always full of fantasy compared to gay stuff which is gross :-P

Thankyou lingerielovers for your complement and good wishes. I feel sorry for males that you can't reach the hieghts women can in sexual intensity. You being male probably are unaware that a woman has over 8 thousand nerve endings in her vaginal area whereas you poor boys only have about 4 thousand.