Best Night Ever..

All 4 of us were drunk. Mine and my friends husband were both passed out upstairs when we made our way to her bed. Once there, we were just laying close to each other when she started moving her hands across my body. It felt good so I let her keep doing it. Soon she moved under my shirt and then my bra and she started squeezing my ****. thats when I decided to take my clothes off and she did the same. We started making out..hard and squeezing each others **** and ***'s. I was so turned on! Then I slowly slid my hand down to the top of her **** and rubbed it softly. She started to moan and squeeze my **** harder. I moved down her **** and to her ***** lips where I could feel how wet she was. I started to rub the outside of her ***** and I knew she really wanted it when she started pushing herself into my hand. I slowly slid one finger inside of her. I'd always fantasized about fingering a girl but never thought I'd do it! I could tell she was close to getting off, so i moved my finger slowly and started going faster and faster when I felt her ***** squeeze my finger and *** all over my hand. I started to pull my finger out but she kept humping my hand, so instead I pulled out and rammed two fingers inside of her, hard! She moaned and then whispered that she wanted me to keep on fingering her while she ate me out.. She sat up and switched to the 69 position with me on the bottom and started licking my ****, while I fingered her until she and I both got off. Then I took out my fingers and pulled her ***** down to my was so hot to feel her rubbing her ***** into my face! We kept going until we both got off several times. Once we were done (got tired) we laid down and realized our husbands had come in and were watching us the whole time...which only made it hotter. Best night ever!
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May 4, 2012