My First Time With Another Girl

I don't want this to sound like p*rn so I'm going to leave out details. My first time with another girl was when i was 12 and my best girlfriend and I were pretend making out, basically practicing kissing. It was in my bedroom while my mom was out gardening so I had no worry of her walking in on us. We let our hands wander under our tops and down our shorts and basically both agreed to take our clothes off and feel each other in my bed. We continued this and more until she was 13 and found a boyfriend and I continued to just want other girls and struggle with my thoughts and feelings. I used to see her in school and it was always awkward and uncomfortable after we "broke up" and went our separate ways.
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This is what happened to me. I then fell in love with another girl when i was 14.

are you serious? so young? why?

I am 13 and i really want to do this with an 11yr old i have know for years but we have never done anything like this before.any advice?

Invite her over for a "sleep over" play truth or dare and make sure the dare says to make out and it'll work trust me

Girl-girl is so rewarding! Enjoy it!

so are you pursuing this seriously, not just for a turn on, am i right?

Do you mean is my experience true? Yes. I just thought I would just share it, I don't see it as a "turn on".

what i meant was, are you pursing the girl-girl thing with serious intent, or just for kicks.

am i making sense?

I had similar things happen to me to it sucks but I have learned to move on & find other girls.

thanks for the comment and ya moving on is the important part and going with your feelings

Agree :D so how is life after what had happen to u? Have u found someone ?

A very similar experience happened to me. I've felt guilt and self-hatred for years about it. Is female experimentation at an early age bad in your opinion?

I went through all those feelings and more. I don't feel it was bad.. as in any judgmental way, I think it was sincere and beautiful and I am glad I experienced it. I wish I was better able understand what it meant to me, but as I have grown, that eventually did happen. Don't beat yourself up over it girl. Hugs!!!

Same as you with a brokin heart hon. I've had two very long term relationships of 18 to 20 years each. Keep seeking and yea shall find girl. Your young, pretty and have a lot to give. Mail me if you'd like; I'd love to hear from you.

Thank you :)

So; where are you now? It sounds as though you still want a relationship with another woman and that is as natural as any other relationship. Love, caring, concern for your partner, wanting to give as much as recieve. This is what makes the world go round girl. Love to chat with you if you want. I'll be there.

Hi and thanks for the kind response. I have had relationships with other women my entire life. I have been in love and had my heart broken but I continue to seek a woman in my life

I know, I didnt feel bad exactly I felt different and confused more than anything

It doesn't make you a bad girl.