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At A Sleepover

Now just to be clear, I am straight, but I think every straight person should have at least one gay or lesbian experience in their life just to see what it's like. I had my first lesbian experience last year when I slept over my friend's place.

She has been my friend since we started high school, and we have gotten extremely close over the years. She invited me to sleepover her apartment one night when her parents weren't home so we could study for mid-terms. After that we went to her room in our PJ's and sat on her bed. We played "Would You Rather" for ever, until she suggested "Truth or Dare" and I was all up for that. The dares started out normal, we started asking girly stuff, you know, "Who do have a crush on?" "What color are your panties?" She asked me what color my bra was and I told her purple, she said she didn't believe me so she lifted up my shirt really quick playfully and then I pulled it down. Looked at me for a while and asked what my breast size was, which was okay by me so I told her my size (32C) she said "No way! They look too small to be a C, let me see them." I felt a little surprised hearing the question, but I remembered we were alone, so I lifted up my shirt, and showed her my bra again, she said "I've already seen that, I want to see your ****!" she laughed and I laughed (we had both had some wine that night) I said "Hell no, deal with what I'm showing you!" She said "Alright let's play this another way, we'll give each other nasty dares, and if we won't do the dare we loose and article of clothing." I was up for that because I knew it wouldn't be that bad "Alright" I said. We dared each other to do gross things until we were both only in our bras and panties. She dared me to do a disgusting thing that I just couldn't do and I took off my bra. She looked at my breasts and said "Oh ya they are C's" we both laughed. I dared her, and she took off her bra (she was about a 32A) and we kept going until we both were completely naked in front of each other. She dared me to touch her boobs, so I did (at this point I was pretty horny) I dared her to touch mine and she did. She then said "I dare you to suck on my nipples" So I leaned over and sucked on one, she started to moan. I found it really sexy for some reason. When I was done, she looked at me and kissed me with out me saying anything. She made me lay down and she went down on me completely. It was amazing having my ***** licked like that. I did the same to her and then she asked me to scissor her, so we scissored each other like crazy, it felt amazing. She pulled out several different toys and we did each other with them until she put her finger up my ***** and found my G-Spot. She said "I wanna see you squirt" so she penetrated my ***** really hard with her middle finger. She put a vibrator on my **** and kept penetrating, until I yelled "Please Stop!" I felt like I was going to pee, but she kept going harder and harder, until it felt like all of this pee was building up behind her finger. She pulled out her finger and this hot liquid shot all over her. I had never squirt before so it was a bit scary, but it felt amazing. She made herself squirt all over me and we did it together for at least an hour until we both came while scissoring again. It ws incredible. We are both straight but sometimes we have urges, we like experimenting with ************ because we both love it. Everyime I we have a sleepover we do it. I'm having one with her tonight, and I was wondering, do you have anything we new we should try? (techniques, toys etc.) Lemme know in the comments!
mariflorence mariflorence 18-21, F 71 Responses Jun 24, 2012

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Play in the shower,or try playing in different places that you haven't normally played before...

I wanna ****

Wish I could join in with the two of you 😉

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great story. really hot.

Wow, I went from soft to hard in about 10 seconds. To be there and to help lick both you out would have been amazing.

That got me soaking wet and if any one want to add me my pin is 2A6DF472 and just so you all know I'm bi xx

Do you have snapchat?

Anyone here need dirty chat this story got me so wet


I would love a dirty chat




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Someone message me in need of a good ****!!!!!!!!!!! bi or Lesbian only though! I'm fingering myself right now i'm so horny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you have snapchat?

Do u?? Girl1122

Oo can I help I'm bisexual

This made me come all over mmmmm

In college I went to a party and discovered it was all guys. The host wanted me to spend the night and I did My anal verginity was lost in his bed, and others knew about it very quickly.

Get a ***** and **** with that and a vibrator it fells awesome

You should get a ******* and **** each other all night long.

Made me extremely wet with this story it ******* served, I'm literally fingering myself right now I'm so horny

some things were meant to happen so that we all learn how to be human

I'm so horny right now, I can feel my wet ****** throbbing.

**** me im so horney now, liv lesbian stories

Ill **** you! I'm so horney

Will u **** me??

You made me *** by reading this ;)

pee on each other use each other as toilets

Too ******* hot. Gotta go **** my wife to ease the sexual tension I got from your story. Whew! Hot lesbian sex gets me horny.

Very hot story....

Thank you for sharing it is one of the best stories I've read ;)

That sounded like you both had a great time, I am still looking forwards to my first time, I also love the idea of making each other squirt... Would love to hear more of your adventures 8-)

Next time you guys are together lube her *** and "toy" her ***

Great story

OMG....amazingly hot be a fly on the wall!! I'm hard as rock right now

Sometimes first lesbian or gay experiences lead to second ones about a sexy sleepover. Next sleepover dare her to go outside naked...and go with her. The night air will feel great on your bodies. Please add me. I'd love to check you two out.

Im new. Add me? :)

Wow, that was quite an experience :)