My First

I always knew I was into girls from the time I was around 10 I believe it was. I never explored, well except with myself. My best friend of about 10 years was my first and only. We did everything together right down being there for each other with each of our three children. I had feelings for her very strong feelings for years. One night we had just came back from bailing her husband out of jail, I had went home to make sure mine had gotten up for work on time. I could not sleep so we were talking over the computer and I finally told her about my feelings for her. She was surprised by my feeling for her. We had decided to try it and see how it felt. I meet her at her house, we talked for what seemed forever. We decided to "try" and see how far we could get. It took us forever to kiss I was so nervous, mainly because I had wanted this forever. As we kissed I slowly slid my hand down to her **** and began squeezing her nipples. I slowly started kissing her all the way until I reached her nipple, and began sucking. She moaned with excitement as I slid my hand between her legs. Dripping wet I slid two fingers in. I decided to go for it, I ripped her pants off spread her legs and began licking her ***** like nothing else. I have to say it was amazing to be doing this, it felt so right. As I was licking and fingering her she slipped my pants off and was playing with my *****. We kissed so passionately. It was a true feeling of awe. After she went down on me, we just held and caressed each other. We had to keep everything secret, although she has told many of her friends, I have told none until now. I love her like I love my husband, I just wish we didn't have to hide our feelings for each other, although sometimes it feels as though she doesn't want to do anything again.
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Lovely story!

Sometimes when something's right - it's just right. I'm sorry you have to hide but at least you have a memory of your time with her. This must be very hard for you.

Very hard as we are still best friends. We have not acted on this in about 2 years. It is very hard when I see her and we are alone to not grab her and kiss her. I love her like I love my husband, it is hard to even talk about it.

a lot of women told me they find it exciting that they have to keep it secret. you seem to have a problem with it. i guess it doesn't turn you on?