First Time

I love sex but have never experienced a girl on girl action until this past weekend

Went out with hubby to a bar and after a few drinks go chatting up a couple next to us

One thing let to another and realized they where into exchanging partners

Went back to their place had another few drinks and before I knew was kissing susan (not her real name) and she undressed me sat me on the lounge and gave me the most unbelievable licking of my *****

It ws the best oral sex I have ever had. She knew exactly what to do to turn me on.
I actually squirted a little as I orgasamed.

I then sat her down and returned the favour and was surprised how turned on I got getting her to orgasam

After this we changed partners and ****** each others partners but as I was ******* I was picturing Susan licking my *****

I am hoping to catch up just with Susan in next few weeks
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28 Responses Sep 18, 2012

first touch from a woman to woman is really sensual..cant wait to hear more when you both meet again, keep us posted. hope to experience the same one day..

Every mans fantasy, I would have liked to be one of the men !!!!!!
hot story !! Made me grow !!

wow xxx so horny

I know how you feel x

I'm happy to hear you loved a womans touch and experience in pleasuring another woman. I think girl on girl sex is very hot and love just sitting back and watching, I have not had this pleasure in many years. I hope you and Susan hook up soon and the two of you spend a few hours alone enjoying each other. Please keep us posted and thanks for sharing.

Mmm u online now?


Wew! Im so glad I joined this

me too

I'm jealous.

Make sure to keep the men locked up in CB-6000 male chastity devices so they can't ruin the lesbo fun this time.

Awesome! Can't wait for the next story!


wow - gals are so lucky ... you have so much more fun than guys ever could.. :p

such fun!

our kind of fun

glad you enjoyed susan.

really want to see 2 women licking each other

Very hot

Hot! Good for you!

I wish I could have been one of the guys just to watch. Alright, maybe I really want to join in too.

Only a woman really knows how to satisfy another woman.....

Your opinion is probably because you never ran into a man who cared to excel in giving oral to a woman.

I would certainly love to read more of you encounters with Susan

That's friggin awesome

Sounds great, we have had similar experiences, and the was that a woman gives oral is so different to a man

I am a top oral performer with giving oral to a woman, but most of my gift is from observing girl on girl. When you see the responses, it tends to make you pay attention.

May the second time be even better

I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall,, at least for the girl/girl action.

Very Very Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sounds like awesome evening

Wow would love to see my wife with another women.

Great story so now you have experience the other side of your sexuality. Would yo say it has opened your mind to women or just the one woman?

Thanx for the story. Loved it.