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I Had Lesbian Sex With My Twin Sister

Hi my name is Layla, I'm 17 but I was 16 when this happened. It was a Friday our parents were away for the weekend. We were home alone. I was sat in my room, still in my school uniform, when my sister-joanne- walked in she said she was bored so we began talking. Aftyer a while we got on to the topic of lesbians and she asked me "have you ever kissed another girl?" i replied with " No but i've always thought about it." well then she asked me do you want to try it now and i said yeah.

It was the most amazing kiss i've ever had, it lasted about 30 seconds. then we stoped looked at each other and did it again. Again and again we did it then we went to my bed, we continued kissing and she took off my tights then my skirt to reveal my white panties. we continued to kiss, then , i took off her tights and skirt, she also was in her uniform, she was wearing white panties. We kissed for longer, i was so horny.

Then took off my tie and unbottened my shirt, the slowly took it off, i was wearing a white b cup bra. She said i looked sexy and kissed me again i began to unbutten he shirt and then took it off and threw it aside, she was wearing the same bra, our mum often bought us the same, we kissed some more before she began to undo my bra. i was really horny she threw my bra aside.she pushed me down and began kissing my neck and doing a humping motion.

I quickly undid her bra and let out a moan. She did the same. Soon we had striped completley naked. We kept kissing and she kept doing a humping motion i was so horny. She then worke dher way down to my P***y and looked up, "Do you want me to continue?" She asked i was panting heavily and nodded. She began to lick my now wet p***y. I let out loud moans as she continued to lick. this continued through out the night till eventually we fell asleep.

XXXLaylaRoseXXX XXXLaylaRoseXXX 22-25, F 23 Responses Oct 18, 2012

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IF any of you ladies would love to sext me 2139855570


Thanks for sharing. I'm curious as to whether you are still having sex with her? I once dated an identical twin and she was definitely into some lesbian **** that I had but I never had the courage to ask if she had had sex with her twin. Today I'm not so shy and I would ask in a heartbeat. When you're young a lot of sex happens by who is around when you're horny and when the parents aren't there so I am betting this is fairly common.


What is weird is I feel like me and my twin sister are so close we could do that and I would be ok with it

I'm a straight girl and I've always wanted to have lesbian sex

Well you say your straight so you could just have sex with me ??

Then try it

I love this story and hope you will continue the lesbian love. Reminds me of the wonderful times I had with my sister

You should write about it

It was so many years ago. I was 11 my sister 9. What started out as two young girls playing, progressed to sisters absorbed in lesbian sex. We loved for almost seven years then we were introduced to *****. Not many days go by I do not remember.

I love that!!

Oh my god I have always dreamed of having a lesbian experience and now I think I might just go ahead and do it

mmmm id love to **** u both ;)

Send some pics

i would lovee to see u girls ******* each other!!!!

s*** thats hot, im happy for you and your sister. wish i could have seen you guys in action ;)

No its not wrong. Its beautiful that you two can see past what a few people in power dont want the rest of us to enjoy.
This is becoming more popular as more people see past the fear of a brainwashed society. A few brave sisters and twins show their mutual attraction in **** videos. Its becoming less shameful and almost normal. You cant stop love happening. I dream of a relationship with twins or sisters, even a lesbian mom and 18+ daughter.

ohh would you consider having a ********* with a girl like me?

Coo story, me and my sister also ******. She is a **** our patents know we ****** and they don't care!!!!!! im stroking
My **** for my aunty.

Damn!! Talk about getting closer to your sister. It sounds so wrong, but I'm not complaining. I'm wishing that I was there to see it.

HOT story

Damn! Nice! Lov o hav a ********* with u n ur sexy sister! That wuold be so hot n sexy

Very sexy, I think I will be remembering this story later when I am sorting through my mental fantasy bank.

Wow! Very hot! You two are very lucky;)

wow! that is very hot experience!!