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To Horny

Hi I'm a 18 yr old girl and I got a hot story
I walk to school with my Twin Sister and when we were about 5 mins round the corner from school she would tap me on the shoulder and point to the bushes. I understood what she meant and followed her in. She kissed me and started feeling her way along my leg. I was wearing my school skirt, shirt and tie. I felt her hand wandering up my lead and stroking my inner thigh I let her do this. Then she began to peel my tights down. I was a little worried because we were only a meter or so away from the path, but she just smiled. She then slipped her hand into my panties then to my surprise she inserted a bullet/egg vibrator into me. She then pulled up my tights tucked my shirt in, and with a wink we walked back onto the path and we continued into school.
By second period our classes were in the next room to each other, I had geography and she had history. I was a little worried about because I knew she had the controller and could start teasing me at any point.
About 15 mins into the lesson I began to feel a slight vibration around my ****. I was worried about the kid sitting next to me but it felt so good. I was just sitting there trying to complete my work, but I couldn't resist it. I put down my pen and just sat there I closed my eyes and felt the vibrations pulsing through me, teasing me, begging to to scream! I then asked the teacher to got to the restroom.
As soon as I got there I pulled out the vibrator, licked my fingers and sunk them deep inside me fingering myself till I orgasmed 3 more times I spent the rest of the lesson in the toilets playing with myself.
When I had finished I put the vibrator back inside me and had a lot of fun, it was hard to bear and there were a few risky moments but it was by far my best school day to date.
XXXLaylaRoseXXX XXXLaylaRoseXXX 22-25, F 3 Responses Oct 18, 2012

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wow..that is so hot! did you use the bullet on her in return?

No she had the controller, but i punished her when i got home.

maybe you could buy your own wireless bullet & use on her someday ;)

I did I have 5 at home just use it at home.

So cool!!! :)

5? do u use more than 1 at one time?

yea sometimes we stick 2 in one hole. She also has like 10 more i think i'm not sure, but im sure i have 5.

Mmm! Lov to use them on u n ur sister! Lik take u both out for dinner with thm in u both or in front of ur parents.

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GRT n hot

Hope You Like it!