My Best Friend's Mother

I am Amy, 18. had my first lesbain experience last week with the mother of my best friend, Carol. Carol was in a summer camp and her mom, Cindy, asked me if I wanted to come over and swim in their small indoor swimming pool. I am on summer vacation before entering my first year of college in the fall so I grabbed my bikini and rushed over. Cindy's husband Mark was at work and when I entered the house Cindy, who is tall slim and blonde like her daughter, Carol, whom I have known since kindergarten, was in a loose robe with nothing on under it. She let it flop open and told me that it was ok for the two of us to swim nude since Mark would not be home for a bout 8 hours. I could feel myself blushing as I felt her eyes on my breasts and ***** (mine is trimmed and I am a redhead) as I undressed. We entered the pool naked and she kept brushing her fairly large boobs against me as she swam by me (mine are 34B). She asked me if I had ever french kissed with Carol and I told her that we had tried it during sleepovers. Then she asked me if I were still virgin and I told her yes (I attended a fairly strict Catholic high school). Then she asked me if her daughter had ever rubbed her crotch against mine while we were practicing French kissing. I told her it had happened once during a sleep over in our senior year. At that point, my nipples were rigid and I was getting excited between my legs. She asked me if she could swim between my legs and I consented. As she did so, she turned over on her back as she glided between my legs and I felt her tongue brush my clitoris. She asked me if I wanted to go down on her daughter and I told her that I had fantacized about it a lot. Then we left the pool and she led me to her bed inside the house and asked me to let her mount me and grind her ***** into mine the way Carol had done as she sucked my tongue. I told her only on the condition that she did not tell Carol or my mother (my mother is Cindy's best friend). So I let her do it and wrapped my legs around her as loud, squishy sounds emanated from our wet, locked *******. I was on the point of ****** when suddenly she got off me and pushed my knees back to my breasts so that my ***** and anus were fully exposed to her and she started sucking and tongueing furiously all over down there until I screamed in ******. She tried to finger inside my ***** but I still have my hymen and it hurt a little but I did not mind! I had to leave to go shopping with my mom but next time I want to eat her gorgeous wet ***** out too. She showed me that she had a strap-on before I left and I think I will let her **** me too, if she will burst through my hymen slowly. I'm wet just recalling the experience.

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I'm a male and love to kiss wet *******

Wow that was beautiful

That is so sexy


That is a great experience! I'm jealous! Did you go back? Can you write more? Thankyou for sharing.

so ******* hot!!!!

Wow.. nice one..

yeah i agree with hotorno1 lol

-love nia


I don't know what to say very hot but also wrong at the same time

so hot!

no i don't think its wrong, but i hate to see the males lose a hot red head.

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nice & very hot

That's awesome

whew im sure you really enjoy and look for another time ha?

hot story, tell us what happened the second time,

Next time play with yourself in front of her without letting her touch you. When she has had enough ask her to lick you softly, you both will explode, I know I had a similar experience. Let us know how it goes. Talk to each other about what you both want to try, it makes it hotter!!!

Wow, I love your advice! I'm wet just thinking about what you wrote!

damn that got me wet lolz


very sexy story

I love this story it turned me on :0

i had anal with my best friends mom

Sorry for ignorance but how do you do anal with a woman? Is that licking the bottom? Is that yuk?

Hey, two women together seems pretty hot. That's a pretty hot story. But you know, I love eating girls out, plus, I have a **** I can put in there as well. So if you ladies ever wanna put a guy, between the two of you, while you do each other, I'm very good at eating *****, and ramming women. Let me know if you two ever want to experience true pleasure...

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love this story!!

awesome ! iLove your story ! did it happen again ?!

awesome! Love this story ;) I wish to have a lesbian experience :)

I get the feeling that this story is fabricated...but nevertheless exciting to read....thanks

Wow. So, did it ever happen again?

hot but it would have been better if it was ur bf not her married mom