Best Experience Of My Life

I met this girl senior year of high school and we quickly became best friends. Two years later we're both living together with the same family. The family thought we were getting too close so she (Ill call her Amanda) moved out. Amanda knew that I wanted to be with her but she said God wouldnt allow it. Then one day we were texting each other and somehow we started talking about fantasies about each other. We both got really turned on. She then asked for me to stop by her house a couple of hours before work that night. I was really excited. Then when I was pulling up I saw that her roommates were home. I got really nervous. I thought she was going to say she would never talk to me again.
When I walked in she was waiting in the backyard for me. Sitting on the ground. I sat beside her and we hugged. Her skin felt so soft. I touched her neck with my lips. She pulled back and said we couldnt do anything while I was living where I was. (I was under contract to refrain from unbiblical contact with others) I said okay and just sat there. But we could both feel this strong pull between us. She reached over and kissed me on the cheek. That was it. We both started running our hands over each other and kissing each other. I stopped and said we should move, we were sitting in front of the sliding glass patio doors. We went nearer the house and started up again. Our hands were running all over each other. I put my mouth on her chest while she rubbed my crotch over my pants. It felt incredible. Then she put her hand down my pants but I pulled away. She was way more experienced sexually than me and it was too new to do that right away. She laughed and took my face in her hands. She said it was alright and that we didnt have to do that right away. I kissed her and slowly pushed into her as she pulled me on top. We were in her backyard completely horizontal kissing each other and feeling each others bodies. I slid my hand down her pants and felt her. Id never been with a woman before. She was so wet. I then started pushing and grinding into her and moving my fingers inside of her. She started moaning and arching her back. I had never been more turned on. We were moving and grinding. Then her moans became louder and her body started to shake below me. I fell to the ground beside her and we kissed each other and held each other. This was the most amazing experience of my life.
Not every story has a happy ending. She and I moved in with each other. I really thought we would be together forever. We had already promised each other to never leave. Then one day she woke up and said God didnt approve of our relationship and left. Now she wont talk to me, or text me. And I even saw her to give her back some of her stuff and she looked at me like she hated me. This was the first time i ever loved somebody, and my first broken heart. So bittersweet.
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Sorry to hear that. Something similar just happened to me a few weeks ago. This girl that I met at my brother's wedding started liking me so I started liking her. She had never been with a girl and never thought of it before. She is deep into the church scene and I was afraid at first to even try anything because of it. Plus she is seventeen and I just turned twenty-two a few weeks ago. Not worried about trouble or anything its just her mother is a horribly selfish person and she lives with her. Does not want anyone to be happy. Now she won't text me and ignores mine. She looks at me like she still likes me but is ashamed of her feelings. It gets better. Promise.