Two Girls

Let's get to the point. I got a girl at home. She's a beautiful girl. She was so rash. She run toward me, kiss me...........I was above her body licking everywhere of her body. She was moaning Ugh Ugh ugh ugh ugh that make me want to **** her more. I spread my legs and sat on her face, move up and down, up and down, at the same time she was sucking her tongue inside my *****. We were both moaning Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah..... wow......felt so great. Until a few minutes later, I was a bit tired to move my **** over her face, she took turn. She said she gonna use s/th to help, she took out a strap and wore it, wow she tried she shake it to arose our feeling, she looked so great with it. Just then she told me ok, sweeties, spread ur leg, I'm gonna put this inside your****** Wow, she really did. She hold it and started to put it inside me, push it in, pull it out, push it in again, and out. I was out of breath and she looked a bit tired too. Wow, she said did you enjoy it? I answered, yeah I did. We were both wet. It's like it's not enough. I asked her, could I take turn using this strap? She replied, sure you could. Woo, great. I put it on, and started mission. she spread her leg widely, I put that inside her**** yeah, push in and out again and again, her hands get my hib to push faster and faster. She moan so much, oh yeah oh yeah, come on faster, faster and stronger, I was out of breath and tired to f**ck her like this. Time went on, we take turn all night until we are out of energy to do so. Such an experience....That I can't forget....
kathleena kathleena
Nov 27, 2012