.night To Remember

I was invited tio my hubbys boss for dinner as he was away they thourght i needed company,there house is just elegant and lovelly we have been working for them for several years and not friends but social friends and as it was chrismas they thought i needed some company.dinner was great lots of chat and they had caterers to serve so we sat and chatted all night,he was charming and she was.a little tipsy as the night wore on she became very forward and talked about sex in a manor that turned me on,her hubby encouraged the conversation and realised i was getting a little hot so the talk became explicit asking what my fantasy would be and would i like to have sex with other men ect.

It was obvious that my hubby had discussed our sex life with him at one stage and she found it very exiting to the piont where he was standing behind us as we sat on the couch and he started to massage her neck and shoulders he not only rubbed her neck but started to open her dress exposing her very large **** with huge hard nipples he cuped them and then squeezed her nipples and asked if i would like to feel them,she smilled and said please,at this stage i was wet and was wanting to play never did i realise that i was going to play with her.i leant forward and started to suck her nipples licking her breasts and then licking and kissing her neck.

He then came around and started to undress her and me and eventually we both ended up naked on the couch she was just like me full bodied and shaved i could not resist but go down on the most wonderfull **** i sucked for ages then she went down on me what a feeling so soft and gentle a woman just knows how to suck **** and make me ****** so many times we played finger ******* anal licking anal fingering and her hubby just sat and watched naked on the chair opposite strocking a wonderful ****,she stopped and asked if i would like to get ****** as i was about to say yes she said not from him but me,while i get ready she said please feel free to suckhis **** unti he blows i wont be long just keep his *** in your mouth until i get back.

She reentered the room with a huge strap on that glistened with oil all over it she grabed my hair started to kiss and share his *** get on your knees let me **** you hard i nelt on the couch as she started to enter me with this huge ***** staped to her waist she was gentle at first until it went all the way in then she pounded me with all he might **** i orgasme so mant times i lost count. We played all night and i was shared between them both but she was the dominent one and made sure i knew it,i am now a lesbian married to a wonderful man and love it.
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Very hot

Very nice.