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Im 18 i got hrld back and this happened to me last month i was in gym and i was lste so i had a lecture so did my bestfriend jenny we were the last onesbin the locker roon and im a early bloomer so i have a big rack on me im a 34C and i was changing when i felt hands around my booobies i wasin the showers in there they werent that bad so i was in there when i sae jenny i freaked out was my first response she had found my sweet spot and i was moaing so loud she kept slapping and sucking my **** i had a ****** i was supriseed when she put 3 fingers up theere i was moaing she made me her slave you know like sex slave i was sp pleasured i didnt care she was sucking my **** when the gym teqcher came in and saw us the teacher was really chill so she let us go
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Could people writing stories, fake or real, try to make it so it can be read? This is close to illiteracy...