Incredible First Lesbian Sex Was With My Best Friend

My first time with a girl was with my best friend, April. She’s beautiful, fit, and voluptuous. Much like myself. Although I’m slightly shorter, curvier (especially in the breast department), and more of a soft body. I have blonde hair and a more outgoing sexual vibe. Guys tend to be more intimidated by me. April is more statuesque, more athletic, and a real redhead. I love redheads. She also wears skinny black glasses and has a sweeter, more innocent aura to her with a slight secretly naughty librarian vibe to her. All of which makes her more intoxicating while at the same time more approachable. It happened on a Friday night, a few weeks before our senior year of high school. My parents were on vacation in Hawaii and April was sleeping over for the night. My boyfriend Jeff was working a late night shift while April’s boyfriend Andre had the night off, although he was working early the next day. So all three of us hung out—going out for coffee and watching a movie at my house later. After the movie, April whispered, “Can we use your bedroom? Me and Andre haven’t had some fun in a long time.”

“Sure,” I told her. “Go ahead.”

“Thanks, sweetie.” She kissed me on innocently on the cheek and gave me a hug. She got up and took her boyfriend by the hand. I couldn’t help but watch her fit plump *** in those tight shorts and her slightly muscular legs sway side to side as she led Andre to my bedroom. I’ve wanted her since we first met at the age of twelve. Though she didn’t know it.

While they were in my bedroom, “having fun,” I kept myself busy playing videogames. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your point of view, my best friend and her boyfriend were raising up a storm in my bedroom. All I could hear were groans from Andre and high-pitched screams from April. This was the first time I ever saw or heard her having sex. I stood by the bedroom and listened in. It drove me crazy hearing her squeal and whimper, “Oh Andre. Yes-yes. That’s it. **** me so good, baby. **** me soooo good.”

I imagined Andre on top of April, pounding at her as hard as he could. April’s legs wrapped tightly around him. Her hips thrusting forward as she dug her heels against the back of his knees for leverage. I couldn’t help but reach into my shorts and rub my ****. I orgasmed a few times and had to bite my lip to keep from screaming.

When I heard them tire out and quiet down, I quickly returned to the couch and watched TV. Meanwhile, April took a quick shower with Andre to cleanse themselves from the aftermath of their filthy sex. Yet, I couldn’t help but finger myself to ****** again until I heard the shower shut off. April ended the night with Andre with her usual passionate, aggressive kiss. Seeing April kiss made my blood warm with lust. The second she had closed the door, I couldn’t help myself: I quickly left the couch and was standing a foot behind her. April had no clue how crazy horny she had made me. When she turned, she was surprised by my presence.

“Were we being too loud? I’m sorry,” she smiled, slightly embarrassed.

I shook my head and smirked. I walked towards her until I cornered her against the door. Neither of us were wearing a bra. We were both wearing tight spandex shirts which showed off our cleavage. I pushed my big breasts against her big—yet smaller--breasts. Our hard nipples were pressed together. Before April could process what was going on, I shoved my tongue in her mouth. At first I felt the beginning of a panicked scream and she pushed me away by my shoulders.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

I couldn’t stand it anymore. Words were gone. So were all reason and inhibition. I kissed her again. This time more forcefully. My hands groped at her **** and my mouth sucked at them through her shirt.

“Please,” she begged. “I have a boyfriend. We both do.”

I lifted her shirt and bit into her nipple. She dug her nails into my shoulders and let out a gasp. I reached between her legs and rubbed her ***** through her shorts. It was warm and swollen. While rubbing her *****, I continued to suck on both of her nipples and stare at her.

“I don’t care. I wish they were here so I could show them how to really please a girl.”

April could barely breathe right now. I felt slightly bad for being so aggressive, but I wanted her so much.

“Tell me stop and I’ll stop,” I offered to her, all the while playing with her *****. She was silent in disbelief and curiosity. And desire. After about 20 seconds of her not answering, I pulled her shorts down to her ankles and shoved 2 fingers into her really hard. She gasped in surprise and from a momentary twinge of pain. For someone who wasn’t a virgin, she was surprisingly tight. I immediately started licking her **** and thrust my fingers into her *****—hitting her g-spot every time. Looking from below, I could see her bright crimson ***** hair, her big breasts with rose-pink nipples sticking out like pencil erasers, her quivering mouth, and her shocked deer-in-the-headlights big eyes. She squirmed and her legs trembled. When she came, she whimpered and filled my mouth with her juices. I kept the juices in my mouth so she could taste herself when I went to kiss her. Without hesitation, she slurped her own juices from my lips and tongue—kissing me more aggressively than she did her boyfriend just moments ago. Right then I knew she was mine. For the next 3 or 4 hours, she was my plaything.

I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom like a man carrying his newly wed wife on their honeymoon. I gently placed her onto my bed, removed her spandex shirt, removed her shorts that were still around her ankles, and threw it against the wall. April was blushing and giggling the whole time. She grew quiet again when I started to undress. She sat up to complete attention when I approached and stood next to the bed. I let her lustful eyes inspect my entire body: my big breasts, my blonde erect nipples, my blonde trimmed *****, and I turned around to show her my curvy booty. I pushed her onto her back and shoved my ***** onto her mouth. With my own mouth, I dug into her ***** and went to work—licking, sucking, and finger-******* her like my life depended on it. I made her *** pretty quickly. Frustrated, she finally used that heavenly athletic body of hers to roll me onto my back and sat on the floor next to the bed. She fingered me and sucked my **** until I came so hard and squirted in her mouth. Then she rubbed **** against my **** to make me ****** 2 more times in a row. I caught her off guard with my loud throaty scream. I was writhing around in a flurry of spasms. By the time, she was done with me; I had drenched her **** with my juices. She leaped on top of me and squashed her **** against my face. I tried to suck up all my juices but couldn’t because she was smothering me with her ****. I could barely breathe.

To get her off me, I bit hard on nipple. April cried out and leaped slightly to the side. She looked bewildered. I took the opportunity to push her on her back and drop my wet ***** on top of hers. I was sitting up and she was still on her back. I grabbed one of her legs, put it against my shoulder, leaned forward so her *** hovered above the bed, and grabbed the headboard so she couldn’t push me off. I grinded my drenched ***** against hers more aggressively than ever before. I managed to make her *** within several seconds. But what was really different this time around was that I didn’t slow down to give her break from her ******. I just kept going. Even when it meant me ******* some more, I kept going. As expected, she tried to trib me back to get me to ****** so I would get off of her. Then when she discovered I wouldn’t let a simple ****** stop me from grinding on her, she just tried to push me off. She was strong and she almost managed to do it. But I gripped the headboard and leaned into her **** with my own. Her spasms were so intense; it was almost like trying to stay on a wild bucking horse. After a while, she was so overwhelmed with *******, she was sobbing. She begged for me to stop and said she couldn’t take anymore. April never looked more helpless in her life. Or more beautiful. Still, I called her a ******* liar and said I’d stop when I felt like it.

Only when I experienced one last dizzying ****** and literally did not have the energy to grind any more, did I stop. I collapsed on top of her. April had completely broken down in tears. I held April in a tight embrace and stroked her hair. I asked her why she was crying and apologized for getting carried away. She told me she was just overwhelmed and that she was okay and was glad that I brought her to such an ecstatic place she had never been to. But it also scared her how much she liked it.

She told me she loved me and I told her I loved her too. I told her I was grateful and so lucky to have had her. I wanted to brag to the whole world that I got to have sex with her, especially to our boyfriends. April laughed and begged me not to. I told her I wouldn’t. But when we were both alone together, I wasn’t going to guarantee to keep my hands off her. She said she was more than okay with that. She also said that even though she just discovered she likes to be bullied sexually, the next time we make love; I may be the one who’s a sobbing mess at the end of it. And believe me, that’s happened more than a few times.

A few months later, when our last year of high school began, April broke up with her boyfriend who was 1 year older than she was. Turns out he was cheating on her with his ex and they were planning to move to another city in a few months. This happened a few weeks before Christmas. I wanted to continue fooling around with April but she didn’t. She thought it was unfair to my boyfriend. Because of this, without getting April’s approval, I ended up telling Jeff, my boyfriend I had been doing. He was shocked because I had never shown an. interest in girls before. Even when the subject came up in the past, no matter who brought it up, I denied my desires for women. Surprisingly, he didn’t have a problem with it. Of course, now that he knew I liked girls, he had to propose the idea of a *********. I shut it down immediately. I said I would be too jealous. But I also said I want to continue my dalliances with April. I knew how hypocritical it was but I had to be honest with myself how much I loved women.

“How important?” he asked.

“We would have to break up if you weren’t okay with it,” I told him.

He gave it a moment. Then asked, “Can I watch?”

“I never cleared it with April, but I don’t have a problem with it. If she does, then I’ll just find another girl to also play around with who doesn’t have a problem with it.”

“Then I would have to say ‘yes.’”

I laughed and gave him a kiss.

“Actually, April doesn’t even know I’m telling you about our adventures,” I confessed. “So I don’t know if she would have a problem with you watching. Maybe we should find out.”

So the next time April, Jeff, and myself hung out, we made sure to schedule it when his parents were out for a Christmas party and had the house to ourselves. I still hadn’t told April of the secrets I had revealed to my boyfriend. So she had no clue as to what I was up to. In the middle of watching a TV show in his bedroom, with all of us in bed. Me in the middle. April and Jeff on either side. I had put my arm around April and drawn her close, just to comfort her over her break-up with Andre. Or so April thought. I ended up slyly lifting her shirt a bit and caressing her stomach. April pulled her shirt down in a panic before Jeff found out. Of course he already knew and was so turned on by it. I forced a kiss on her and got on top of her. I literally pushed my boyfriend out of bed and keep groping at April. April was shocked at first until my boyfriend got on a chair, opened his pants, and started ******* off. Then she knew what was happening.

“You dirty ****,” she whispered as I kissed her. Now it was on. We undressed each other and got down and dirty. And unlike the first time, we were now experienced. We tribbed each other like wild animals fighting. And unlike the first time, I was the one who ened up in a squirting crying mess. It was April’s ultimate revenge on me. Jeff thought it was hottest thing he’d ever seen.

After that, word got around at school about our arrangement. Some people judged us. We didn’t care. We just ended up getting more girls from our high school and other high schools. April and I have new boyfriends now but we still continue to have new adventures together and with other girls. So we have a lot of stories to tell. But I’ll save those for another time.
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