Church Summer Camp

My first lesbian experience happened when I was 11. It was the summer after I had my 5th grade graduation and it was a church summer camp. I'd already had sex with boys before this but I was never with a girl before. I watched a lot of **** so I knew about it and really got off on it so of course I always intended to try it out some day. The hard part was to find a girl who was willing. This was the time puberty started kicking in so any boy with a **** would **** me but finding a willing girl was another story.
Anyway the camp was located in the woods somewhere. I shared a cabin with 5 other girls so there were six of us and each cabin was assigned a counselor. Ours was a girl named Megan. I'm not sure how old she was but I know she was still in high school.
That first night everyone got to know each other and we did what all girls do. Eventually the conversation turned to boys. I can't really remember the details of how this happened but I remember feeling really comfortable around these girls and felt I could trust them. So, I told them I'd already been with a couple of boys and of course that opened the floodgates to the questions. I told them all about sex and all the different types of **** I watched on the internet. Somehow this turned into a game of "show me yours and I'll show you mine." I know I didn't start this game but I remember I was the bravest and the most willing.
Everyone would flash their boobs which were starting to develop and flashed their *******. I took it a step further and told everyone I would get naked. When I got naked one of the other girls named Cindy decided to get naked as well. None of the other girls got naked but none objected either. I had already told the girls about lesbian sex and I told Cindy I wanted to try it with her. She was a bit reluctant at first but I told her to just relax, lie back, and spread her legs. I went down and started licking her ***** as best I could. This was the first time I did this but I think I did a pretty good job because after a while I could see she was getting really wet and turned on. It made it so much better that we had an audience there.
We got so caught up in what we were doing that we lost track of time. The counselors checked in on their assigned cabins every hour so all of a sudden in walks Megan. We all ran to our beds while Megan just stood there with a shocked look on her face. After a moment she just walked out without saying a word. We all thought we were in so much trouble but nothing else happened that night. We all went to bed after that incident and Megan checked in every hour without saying a word.
The next day no one said anything about the incident. I guess we were all scared that we'd be in trouble. Instead Megan just put on a smile and life went on as usual. None of us did anything else because we were afraid of getting caught. After about a week Megan came up to me and asked about that night. I didn't want to rat out my friends so I tried to dodge as much of the questions as I could. That is until she asked, "Do you want to try some of that stuff with me?" At first I couldn't believe I'd heard that right but of course I said yes. She told me she'd come get me later that night.
I remember everyone went to bed at around 10 that night. I stayed awake in anticipation and finally heard Megan come into the cabin. She told me to follow her so I did. We went outside I followed her to the showers which was another building. She asked me to take a shower with her. We both got naked and went under the water. We spent an hour in there just rubbing each other and eating each others *******. She even gave me a few pointers on things to do. At one point she asked me to licked her *******. I did the best I could but the water kept getting in my face. Either way I know she enjoyed it because she was moaning and grinding her *** into my face harder.
For some reason we didn't do anything else after that night. Maybe Megan didn't want to push her luck and risk getting caught. It was still great for that one night though.
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Hot. Never considered camp counsellor from the added benefits angle before

That is what I call a camp counselor who wants to make sure she makes the right impression on the attendees.

Bet you have had a few ******* since from girls licking you out!

Great story ! - I always thought those Summer camps must have been hotbeds of sexual activity..Sis and I never went to one..sniff, sniff

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sounds like a great first experience!

Great your writing!

Very HOT story!! Keep em coming!!

Good girl!!

are you still doing this kinda thing?

I have my own memories of church summer camp.. you stirred me up!!

So hott, what luck

And at a church summer camp... talk about being baptized! lol